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This November, 43,000 Coloradans could lose their jobs if Proposition 112 is passed. While it may come as a shock to most, that’s the reality of the impact that Proposition 112 could have for thousands of Colorado families. Many LGBTQ individuals, workers, and families will not be immune from the pending job losses.  Many of the local chamber of commerce believe that we must say “no” to this extreme proposal.

In the last several years, the Colorado natural gas and oil industry has been committed to minority outreach including the LGBTQ community. They have contributed their time and resources to LGBTQ organizations and causes. They not only show up during Pride, but have been truly committed partners year round. We have also seen the industry make important strides to enhance and strengthen the LGBTQ workforce in Colorado. Ask yourself, do we want to pass any measure that could harm this industry, an industry that has become a strong ally to our community?

As you consider how you will vote in the coming week, remember the members of the LGBTQ community who work directly or indirectly with the energy industry. Passing this measure could harm our friends and families directly.