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Letter from the Editor,

I’d like to address the article “An Evening With Ogden Street’s Alleged Neo-Nazis,” an article published on our website on December 15, 2016.

Our community’s response to this article was, unsurprisingly, negative. The article focused on the inhabitants of a house that was, and continues to be, surrounded by controversy due to allegations of the inhabitants being nazis. A transgender woman in our community asked that we go talk to them, because she felt they were being wrongly accused of vandalizing her car. My editor at the time sent me on the assignment.

Because I was sent out to cover this by the queer magazine where I worked, and because we were informed of the story by a queer woman who wanted to speak out in support of these people, my hope was that this could be an informative piece of journalism for our community. I was wrong. There was no way to approach this story that didn’t either involve apologizing for an alleged Nazi, despite what he claims now, or slandering a person, which is illegal.

Because of this, I regret that the story was ever published. OUT FRONT in no way condones the actions of Nazis or their sympathizers. While we cannot erase this unfortunate article from our past, we hope that you will accept our apology and move into the future with us.

OUT FRONT is Colorado’s first and only queer media outlet, and the second-oldest queer media outlet in the nation. We are bigger than this and we are older than this. OUT FRONT is also now under new management, and as editor, nothing like this will happen again. Please, continue to share your voices with us, even when those voices ring out in dissent. We want to know what you’re thinking and be the best representation of our community that we can be.

OUT FRONT’s mission is to educate our readers on queer issues, advocate by telling the stories from our community and highlighting the people on the front lines, and celebrating our beautiful, queer lives.

Thank you all, and I am looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with my community.

Ryan Howe