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Sizzlin’ Summer! Denver Queers Show off Their Summer Fashions

All bodies are beautiful, especially when they are soaking up the summer sun in cute outfits. To celebrate the change of the seasons, OUT FRONT hosted a special photo shoot in honor of the beauty that summer and bodies bring.

We invited local photographer Jeremiah J. Corder to come into our small office and have fun with people in the community—and they came out. The Colorado Rush sent some players before they head off to Amsterdam for the Bingham Cup. Squeaky from Punk Rock Burlesque stopped by to have some fun before performing at Streets of London. While others wondered in, we chatted with nearly all of them about their bodies and how they show it off in the summer.

Jeremiah J. Corder is a full-time agency art director, with a side hustle specializing in drag, glamour, and editorial photography. With a style consisting of bright colors, high contrast, and a pinch of glitter, Jeremiah’s focus is to document and normalize all aspects of LGBTQ culture. If you are queer, and proud to show your true colors, he wants to work with you for one of his many projects.

To check out more of his work visit his website!