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A High New Highlands Location

2563 15th st.

Visit Good Chemistry’s new Highlands location to check out what they have to offer. Good Chemistry’s newest LoHi location showcases a cutting-edge store design that is a pleasure to shop in, and the Good Chemistry nurseries offer the finest cannabis grown in Colorado as well as rigorously selected concentrates, edibles, and topicals. With welcoming, knowledgeable budtenders, you’re sure to find all your holiday shopping needs. Good Chemistry proudly stands by Colorado organizations in support of LGBTQ, veteran, and homelessness initiatives who offer a hand up to those in need, making life better for everyone.

Puffco Peak

If you love a good dab, but not that nasty burning in your lungs, you need a Puffo Peak. This nifty little gadget makes your consumption as simple as the touch of a button. Plus, their special Ribbon Pink Travel Pack donates 100 percent of profits to the  Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Get yours now at puffco.com.

PLUS CBD Gummies

PLUS CBD offer up their gummies in three different flavors, Uplift, Balance, and Sleep. These highly-dosed CBD goodies don’t contain any THC, and they will help you relax or prioritize your tasks.

As part of their commitment to strengthening and supporting communities, PLUS contributed $1 for each of the 60,937 units of Rainbow Sorbet gummies sold this summer to the SF LGBT Center, and they regularly give back to and support their community. Learn more at pluscbdoil.com.

The Arcanum Quill

Arcanum, a hemp-derived CBD product company for athletes, are proud to support multiple veterans organizations both nationally and locally. They give back to groups like The River Deep Foundation, PTSD Veterans Athletes, an The Reveille Project. They recently sponsored a vet directly, and in the past year, Arcanum has donated over 8 percent of gross profit to organizations, as well as product to help get vets off pharmaceutical drugs and onto hemp-based alternatives. Arcanumedge.com has more info.

Stratos Soothe CBD Full-Spectrum

This special salve is infused with 500mg CBD, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and six essential oils: peppermint oil, arnica oil, helichrysum, clove oil, hyssop oil, and spruce oil. Stratos was created to help people when the company founders left Big Pharma and wanted to use a softer touch. The company uses pharmaceutical guidelines when creating products, and strives to make things that heal instead of hurt. Check out stratoscbd.com.

Kaya’s Homegrown Cannabis

Kaya are locally loved, small-batch growers who use proprietary curing techniques and vertical integration to grow some seriously gorgeous and powerful buds. They control the quality of flower from seed to bud and stay as close to full sustainability as possible, something that sets them apart from a lot of growers. They also regularly give to nonprofits, which has been part of our mission since day one. They donated proceeds from Veterans Day week to Colorado Veterans Project, and they’re planning to donate to another charity  for Black Friday.

Visit kayacannabis.com to see deals and locations.

TribeCBD – Hemp CBD Sleep Shot

This proprietary and natural formula includes 20mg of nanoemulsified broad spectrum hemp CBD oil as well as five proven ingredients to help relax your body and calm your mind. The sleep shots are formulated to drift you into a deep, restful sleep while waking up feeling refreshed. They have zero calories, zero THC, and come from U.S. sun-grown hemp.

TribeCBD – CBD Gummies

These CBD gummies are naturally delicious. Each mixed, berry flavored gummy is infused with 10 mg of  broad-spectrum CBD oil and contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Naturally sweetened with fruit juice, agave syrup, and natural flavoring.

TribeCBD – Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oi

Find quick relief with this broad spectrum formula containing multiple cannabinoids and terpenes to give each serving the maximum benefits of the hemp plant. Mix with your beverage or take it straight under your tongue.

Escape Artist CBD Strips

Formulated for a fast onset and a mild yet energetic high that you’ll feel in as little as 10 minutes, Speed Strips are the new way to escape. Made with sativa-dominant THC distillate and scored for micro-dosing, Speed Strips are discrete, energetic, and effective for cannabis users everywhere. Speed Strips contain 10mg THC/100mg per box and are available in Minty Mint and Sour Lemon.

Escape Artists give back to organizations in their local community such as Sun Valley Kitchen, a group that provides food for underserved communities. Visit letsescape.com for more info.

Colors Disposable Vape Pens

These awesome pens are the perfect stocking stuffer. They come in all flavors, and they’re super cute. There’s bound to be a color your friend or significant other would enjoy!

Lightshade Prerolls

These prerolls are strain-specific, delicious, and totally a stocking goodie. Get some while the getting is good!

Coda Signature Bath Bombs

These three bath bombs will bring a whole new level of relaxation. The lucky bather can use all three, or they can be shared among friends and family. Get your chill on!

Dixie Elixir Fruit Punch

This punch is tasty and doses out in nice little 10 mg shots that you can either take or add to seltzer water for an awesome edible experience. The perfect gift for an alcohol-sober person this season.

Dutch Girl Stroopwaffle

The biggest challenge with these delicious, caramel cookies is to not eat the whole case because they taste so good. The perfect holiday treat!

Stratos Tinctures

These awesome tinctures come in three styles, Energy, Relax, and Sleep. Whatever it is you need to get done, these pack a serious punch.

1906 Drops

The Drops 1906 just rolled out are amazingly convenient. They’re simple, easy-to-take pills you can pop for a quick dose of one of their signature moods. Get your favorite, or grab the whole collection.

1906 Beboe Vape Pens

The Beboe vape pens are very basic, as they focus on just two moods, Inspiration and Downtime. Just a simple puff on one of them will keep you relaxed or focused for hours, and this makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Beboe Pastilles

The Pastilles are classic, low-cal, tasty treats that you can discreetly pop before a night out, a movie, or any other fun occasion, and they make a great romantic Christmas gift for a friend or lover.

1906 Go Beans

The only thing better than chocolate-covered coffee beans is cannabis-infused, chocolate-covered coffee beans. Try the Go for a night out, or the Love for a sexy night in.

Mood Chocolates

The classic 1906 chocolates are such classy, perfect treats. Snack on one to help with sleep, relaxation, sex, or focus.