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Silk Center for Wellness an Aesthetics

7621 W 88th Avenue

Whether your loved one is looking to treat themselves to a wax and lash extensions, start on hormone replacement therapy, or both, Silk could be just the place for a treat yo’self day or a serious step toward self-transformation.


If you’re looking for makeup that truly honors your gender binary, or lack thereof, look no further than Fluide. They make glitter for anyone, any time, and their claim to fame is that they don’t put  gender on their products. Check out their awesome new Universal Gloss, which comes in many colors and adds shimmer wherever, to whomever. Visit fluide.us to stock up.


What’s better than gorgeous, great-smelling perfume? Gorgeous, great-smelling perfume that gives back to the community! The new scent from Sigil, Prima Materia, is the tea, and their special holiday campaign, Our Scent, is donating 10 percent of all profits to True Colors United to help support inclusion. Go to sigilscent.com for more info.

NOTO Agender Oil

NOTO’s Agender body oil is for anywhere you have body hair or need to use skin oil, and it’s made for anyone. The three powerful ingredients, organic hemp seed oil, vetiver, and lavender, give a gender-neutral scent that is perfect for whatever hair you choose to grow. A percentage of sales goes to rotating organizations. So far, the company has raised over $20,000 for groups like LGBT Center LA, Planned Parenthood, and The Trevor Project. As they say, let’s not just look good; let’s do good!