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Reflecting on and remembering Pride 2019…

Pride season used to just mean a few weeks in June. Work would get really busy, and we’d hustle to stuff bags and make a really special Pride issue. Then, by July, things would return to normal. These days, Pride season is almost half the year. It feels like May through September is packed full of Pride parties to cover, events to attend, and lots of overtime hours.

It’s easy for this to become tedious. It is work, after all. Not getting a lot of weekends is part of the job in publishing; you’re usually either doing an event, or you’re rushing to get ready for a deadline. But it feels like things double and triple around this time of year.

So, it’s easy to go to a Pride event in September with a salty attitude, just looking forward for it all to be over. But then something always changes.

More personal reflections in Pride Review 2019

Sometimes it’s the parent who comes up looking for resources for their queer kid. They stumble over talking about their child’s identity, but you can tell it comes from the best place. Other times it’s the little baby queers who come up, holding hands, asking for matching rainbow bracelets. And, in some cases, it’s someone saying that this event, or this magazine, is the only resource they have for learning about queer culture.

There’s always some reminder of why we do this. As I write this, we are preparing to attend Boulder Pride, our final event of the year, and by the time you read this, most all the Prides will be behind us. But even when the leaves fall and the cold sets in, there’s always need for love, community, and connection, even when we’re tired, introverted, or at capacity in terms of what we take on. Pride, and queer love, should be all year ‘round.