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If you love Pride season, promoting equality, and damn good food, you won’t want to miss Plates for Pride, a special event put on by beloved local restaurant Old Major.

On Wednesday, June 13, from 5 to 10 p.m., Old Major invites you to this special dinner to help ring in the Pride season. A portion of the proceeds go to One Colorado and The Gender Identity Center of Colorado. For just $45, guests at the special dinner will be treated to a delicious four-course meal. For only $25 more, there will also be special wine pairings.

“For me personally, I grew up with a gay uncle, and being from Asheville, NC it’s really liberal and I was close to a lot of LGBTQ people, so I think it’s really important to support those people and push forward in their lives with whatever we can do,” explained Nohe Weir-Villatoro, chef with Old Major, and one of the minds behind the dinner. “As a restaurant, we want to try and create an environment where people know they can come dine here because it is a welcoming place where people know they can be who they are.”

The theme of the dinner will be the Pride flag, with each course representing a different color of the rainbow. In addition to highlighting the beauty of the rainbow, it will also draw attention to all the culinary possibilities from the Old Major kitchen.

“My sous chefs [Brad Yard and Sarah Khosravani] are doing a dish that is red and orange,” explained Weir-Villatoro. I will be doing a green and yellow vegetable dish; someone is doing purple and blue, so we are basically doing the colors of the rainbow for the whole dinner.”

For dessert, guest chef Zach Meier of The Nickle will be creating a rainbow dish, representing all the colors in one place. Fans of The Club at Flying Horse will rejoice, as chef Celena Stone will be contributing to the meal as well.

Also, surprisingly, the menu as of now focuses more on fish and vegetables than it does on meat.

“So far, it looks like we have a pretty vegetarian-forward menu going on right now, or at least pescetarian,” said Weir-Villatoro. “I’m doing a vegetable dish and the desert is vegetarian, and the second course is going to be a fish dish.”

This will be an amazing chance to give back to the community and have some great food. Those interested in attending the dinner should call 720-420-0622 or reserve online at oldmajordenver.com.