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Going to the doctor regularly is essential for sexual health, but it can also be one of the hardest things to do. Often, those wanting to stay safe and take care of themselves end up neglecting their health because of the stigma and shame associated with sex-related doctors visits. At Colorado Health Network’s new sex-positive health clinic, that doesn’t need to be a worry, and health can be first priority.

At this new clinic, set to open soon at the Colorado Health Network’s East Colfax location, the patient and their needs are the focus. This new location will offer PrEP for HIV prevention, nPEP (Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis), HIV/AIDS care, and Hepatitis C care. There is no shame in getting help for sexually transmitted diseases, or being proactive in preventing contraction or spreading diseases to others. In fact, it’s responsible to tend to this kind of health when sexually active. The sex-positive clinic will make you feel welcome and able to discuss your needs and get the treatment you want.

“The opening of the CHN medical clinic is an exciting step that completes the organization’s transition to a health services organization serving people living with HIV and other health conditions,” said Colorado Health Network CEO Darrell Vigil. Colorado Health Network’s location on East Colfax Avenue provides a one-stop-shop for clients and patients seeking services ranging from case management and supportive services to oral health care and medical services.”

In addition to making it easy for sexually active folks to get great healthcare, the clinic will go out of its way to be inclusive to all. Transgender and gender nonconforming people will feel at home here, as providers at the clinic will be specially versed in how to treat those who are outside of the cisgender margins.

All these services are already huge for the community, but there’s more. The clinic will also offer primary care for those who are LGBTQ and more comfortable in a queer-friendly clinic, or for anyone who wants to get care there. They will also offer mental health and substance use counseling for those who need it, and medical case management. This will be a safe space for anyone looking for help.

Thanks to the new sex-positive health clinic though the Colorado Health Network, sexual health and personalized, attentive care will be possible for those who need it. Look for the clinic to open sometime in the next few months.