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Colorado made history as the first state in the country to legalize cannabis for recreational use and sales, and anyone who’s been here since knows that in 2019, this ain’t your mama’s Centennial State. The revolutionary notion served as a catalyst to the boom in the state’s population, which in turn helped to shift the culture and communities already in Colorado and Denver, including our LGBTQ community.

While the queer history of Denver is lengthy and rich, legal cannabis in Colorado is still in its infancy, though big players in the industry were quick to take notice of the state’s many, intersecting cultures.

My 420 Tours, the nation’s first cannabis tour company and a sponsor at Denver PrideFest this year, was one of these companies that saw the overlapping cultures as inherent and exciting.

“I value happiness progressing with life, and we definitely value community, so I think it speaks for itself,” said My 420 Tours Marketing Director Logan Campbell. “All of these elements we’re looking for in our culture are very highly concentrated within the LGBTQ community.”

My 420 Tours emerged six years ago, and an immediate goal of the company was for top-notch education and the safe consumption of cannabis. There is a responsibility to this work and doing it right, and part of this lies in selecting a quality staff of tour guides, many native to Colorado with vast experience in cannabis, to hold the company to the highest standard.

Being ready for any type of consumer with any level of cannabis experience, of any age, from any community, state, or country, is part of the work, and this comes through in the diverse, ever-changing library of activities My 420 Tours offers.

The Complete Cannabis Tour chauffeurs guests with a consumption-friendly limo to Seed & Smith’s facility to see the full seed-to-sale process, while their concentrates class teaches folks about how flower is extracted into the delectable dabs you can purchase right after as you ride to Eufloria dispensary.

“We are avid about gaining as much data as possible as it relates to the needs of our tourist and local demographics,” Campbell said. “We really reach out there to see what it is that the cannabis community would like to see.”

My 420 Tours also pays attention to the contrasting seasons in the state when planning activities. You can hop onto one of their 420-friendly rides to Red Rocks over the summer for a show, but in a handful of months, they’ll provide shuttles to slope-savages in the winter racing to shred some snow, but not without properly blazing up on the way up.

No matter the season, they constantly seek out the next-best thing for anyone cannabis-curious.

“We’re always working on creating experiences that are unique in their own right. The sushi and joint rolling class definitely took that to the next level,” Campbell said. “It’s great for a good date night. There’s a lot of things to do in Colorado as far as clubs and bars, but pairing sushi rolling and joint rolling—it’s unique in its own right—but it gives you a fun opportunity to interact with your significant other.”

This class, along with their popular greenhouse grow tour and buds and beers tour, is getting a queer makeover this month, just for Pride. This June marks the company’s third year of participation in Denver PrideFest.

“The benefit of taking one of those tours, it’s gonna be super fun and super colorful. Last year was a huge success, really getting into the seasonality of PrideFest,” Campbell said. “We’re really looking forward to packing those with tons of fun and tons of energy.”

My 420 Tours is also giving a promo code to local guests with Colorado IDs interested in attending the queer-themed cannabis events in June. Anyone curious about taking a tour or class at a later time can also catch them at PrideFest over the weekend handing out good vibes and even better deals in their huge tour bus.

Ultimately, this Pride month and all months of the year, the pioneer company is excitedly riding the state’s wave of growth and change for the cannabis culture and everyone around it.

“We’re very involved in the community and the culture of the community, and that’s not just limited to the cannabis space,” Campbell said. “We’re just a proud sponsor, and we’re super happy to be involved.”

To learn more about the tours and classes offered by My 420 Tours and sign up for one of their PrideFest events, check out their website at my420tours.com.

Photo courtesy of My 420 Tours