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Aries: Direction will come when you stop to listen to that inner calling. A mature, female figure may be giving you some valuable insight that will provide a solution. A breakdown may occur that makes you feel low, but once this transformation is embraced, you’ll be wiser than ever!

Taurus: March will have you feeling like a spitfire! Opportunities, solutions, and relationships can happen quickly for you. Take advantage of the energy that’s at your disposal to create and take action. An encouraging message or offer may be coming from out of the blue!

Gemini: A trip or vacation looks to fuel you with a wealth of inspiration! When you get that strong urge to move or travel, know that the universe fully supports you. Any exchanges look positive! You may find things come to you full-circle by the end of the month.

Cancer: Ignorance is bliss, they say. Is there a conflict or challenge that you’re in denial about? The universe is advising you to go back to the beginning and to approach this with a completely different perspective. Going out of your comfort zone or seeking counsel looks affirmative!

Leo: Some extra money or career guidance is coming to you! Sit in the quiet to fully digest what’s on your mind. Signing any new contract looks positive in the first and last week of the month. Sharing your skills and knowledge with others is creating a steady ripple effect!

March 5 – Mercury moves retrograde
March 6 – New moon in Pisces
March 20 – Full moon in Libra. Sun enters Aries. Spring equinox.
March 28 – Mercury moves direct.
Happy birthday Pisces and Aries!

Virgo: Your hopes and wishes can easily manifest now. The spotlight is shining on you, so make it count! If you’ve been waiting to move on plans, now is a good time, especially in the first and last week. An infinite amount of resources are available to you with whatever decision you make.

Libra: The universe is nudging you out of your safe space. Walk away from any source that makes you feel uneasy. It’s important to take steps this month, even if things seem foggy. Your friends or partners want to honor you. Celebrate what you’ve overcome, and have fun!

Scorpio: Responsibilities may feel overwhelming, but you have the energy to accomplish much this month! Be aware of your limitations, and think thoroughly before seizing certain opportunities. A comeback is at hand; just choose your battles wisely!

Sagittarius: A judgment is being passed. Where there has been debate and uncertainty, now there will be clarity and finality. There may be feelings of loss and needing to seek closure. Surrendering to the past so that you may rise afresh in the present looks powerful. Give yourself a break!

Capricorn: The universe wants to push you out of the beginner stage. You may want to hold on to old efforts or ways, but you are being shifted. An unexpected transition is happening that is cleansing. Make your desire your priority this month. It will raise your spirits!

Aquarius: In order to regain your creative focus and productivity, you are being asked to deal with troubling thoughts. Expect some spiritual messages that bring emotional nurturing.  Someone is offering their love. Call out what no longer serves you and experience a miracle!

Pisces: Allow yourself to stay fluid with your visions for the future. Expect vivid dreams and plenty of options this month. It will serve you to not take things too seriously. Be experimental! A powerful person or leader is watching you. Taking a risk could pay off in the long run!