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It has arrived! The Art Zine serves as a way for queer youth to express themselves through their art. Growing up when the world seems to be up in flames, the importance of expression can offer a safe space to those viewing it. I am thankful to show this zine to whoever may come across it.

Though my name is plastered on this, I am not the only one who has worked on this. I owe the entirety of this project to OUT FRONT’s sales team and, quite frankly, the whole office. Thank you for helping me with this project; y’all’s support is immeasurable.

I came into this project, personally, to make up for a lack of high school credit. The zine was meant to teach me the mathematics of sales after failing my math class miserably. I looked across the tasks ahead of me: contact businesses for ads, contact artists, interview, and write various articles on the artists. Despite having done journalism for over four years, the future felt dreadful.

I’m not a people person, for I believe I lack the skills to communicate. I’m a dry-humored, sarcastic a**hole. The fear of saying the wrong thing always resonates. Needless to say, I was not too excited for the future, but boy, was I wrong.

Having gone through this experience, I can say offering a platform to talented, young, queer artisits has been the most rewarding thing. It gave me a reminder as to why I first began writing and pursuing what I do: simply to share the stories of others. Being a creator myself, I had lost touch with my passion’s desire throughout my burnout. I am grateful to have been given this chance here at OUT FRONT.

To the three artists who participated, it is a pleasure to have been witness to your creation. Listening to the stories and inspiration behind their work has been a spark that helped me look forward to what life has to hold, for I am no longer in fear of the future.