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It’s almost an oversimplification to talk about queer people making art. Most of us have some sort of inner struggle to convey, some hardships and internalized marginalization to work out. And most of us have a creative outlet—be it writing, photography, visual art, music, theatre, or something else.

But that doesn’t mean that queer voices aren’t still extremely important to examine in art. Just like the stories in OUT FRONT’s pages, queer art has moved well beyond just telling our coming out stories or painting a picture of same-gender couples holding hands.

There is so much rich, nuanced experience to share in the stories of our art, whether you are a teen just learning about your identity or a trans or nonbinary person reflecting on what the world looks like to you. We celebrate each other and our art in so many ways, from this magazine to local drag to even financially supporting each other when need be. But we can still do more.

So, if you see something you like in these pages and you have the financial means to support one of these artists, do it. It could be showing up with a few dollars for trans performers or buying your very own piece of visual art.

And most of all, even if financial support isn’t an option for you right now, you can still support queer art and voices by coming out and showing that this is something you want to see happen. Go to queer art shows and free events, and make sure to show queer artists of all types plenty of love.