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It’s a name that has circulated the streets of Denver for years. It’s slipped through countless queer folks’ lips as they try to convince their friends to go out on the weekend. It’s been plastered on thousands of posters around town. It’s come booming from the sound system of nearly every LGBTQ bar in town—and plenty of non-queer spaces. It has, unfortunately, slivered through a few sets of teeth covered in malice. It’s been whispered, stated, exclaimed, moaned (maybe), and screamed. It came from rap legend Missy Elliott and a sign hanging in the front of a 7/11 to scare shoplifters. It’s also a name not to forget:

Felony Misdemeanor.

Eighteen years ago in November, Theariale StCyr celebrated his friend Dave’s birthday by getting in drag and putting on a show—an opportunity he still rarely passes up. It wasn’t his first time switching genders for an audience, but he considers Felony Misdemeanor’s birthday to be the same as her friend’s.

Her first two official numbers: “She’s a Bitch” by Missy Elliott followed by Björk’s “It’s Oh So Quiet.” For both numbers, she came with concept, full choreo, and safely secured wigs. Although, the two songs may seem drastically different on the surface, both cater to the audience with high concept and drama. But, that doesn’t matter to Felony.

“I only perform songs that I like—not necessarily what is popular,” StCyr said. “If I have a connection with a song, I’ll most times perform it. It’s what I’ve always done—it’s what I’ll keep doing. I’m up there to have a good time with the audience, and if I’m not having fun, or the crowd isn’t having fun, we both lose.

“But, all of my performances are fun, so I don’t have to worry about that.”

Starting out in El Paso, Texas, StCyr entered the world of highly competitive pageant drag. During the first three years working as a queen, he maneuvered his way through the abundant expenses and drag sisters set on sabotage before landing in Denver—and in a completely different drag scene.

When she arrived 15 years ago, StCyr could count the number of queens with a following on two hands, which is a big change from competing against hundreds of different queens. The community was also less than inviting to Felony. In February of 2004, Felony entered a Miss Colorado pageant, and her mistreatment during the competition almost pushed her quit drag in Denver.

But, stCyr’s love for entertaining didn’t let that happen. He worked hard, kept his head up, and made sure that audience members remember the name Felony Misdemeanor. He has traveled the country, in 2016 was named Denver’s Best Drag Queen by Westword, and performed on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2017 as opening act for the Film on the Rocks screening of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. He’s also a regular performer at Drag Nation and one of the best judges of Track’s Ultimate Queen Competition.

The trick to staying relevant? Be kind and nurturing, be entertaining, and know your worth.

“I’m really, really nice,” StCyr said. “I’ll be motherly to you, but I will not put up with attitude. Do not f*ck with me in general. Do not f*ck with me. From the way I’m treated to the way I’m paid, I will not put up with it. I’ve gotten in many arguments with many club promoters for how myself or any other performer was being treated.

“I have a big mouth—I’m very outspoken. I stand up for what I believe is right, and most of the time, it’s what everyone else is thinking but not saying.”

But it’s not all tough love from Felony. You don’t become a Denver drag legend by being loud and opinionated, although it doesn’t hurt. She’s beautiful, funny, quick, irreverent, and approachable. Although her jokes may sting occasionally, the infectious laugh that follows her sharp tongue make the insult endearing.

Her eye for talent and entertainers also keep her in the family of some of Denver’s best queens. From fostering relationships with powerhouses like Jessica L’Whor and Nina Flowers, to building an iconic drag family and acting as guide to some of Denver’s best queens like Minor Misdemeanor and Chanel Banks, StCyr knows what makes a good performer.

“I love my family and the friends I’ve made here in Denver,” StCyr said. “And I love meeting new people, especially over dinner—I really love food. I’m here to help, push, and laugh with anyone who comes up to me and treats me with respect.

“Also, I’m single.”