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Erin Evenflo, aka DJ Evenflo, has been DJing since 1999. Her homebase has always been Denver, but she’s played sets all over, including Portland, Mexico, New York, L.A., Oakland, and Dallas. She got into DJing through raving originally.

“I would watch the other local DJs and just knew it was something I wanted to do,” she explained. So she traded her car for a set of turntables and got to work.

Becoming a DJ wasn’t necessarily an easy process. “Getting turntables was the first step. The next step was a lot of crying,” she said, laughing a little. From there, her path involved a whole lot of practice and hustle. “I handed out tons of mixtapes, knocked on a bunch of nightclub doors, and handed out a lot of rave fliers.”

That hustle paid off. Evenflo got her first residency at Tracks’ old location after giving her mixtape to the manager. It sat on his desk for two months before he finally listened to it and reached out. From there, she’s only kept growing, now doing performances at Deviant at the Triangle and sometimes Tracks.

Evenflo’s hustle has opened doors for her, such as her upcoming performance at Aurora Pride. To secure the gig, she simply emailed the festival with some samples of her work and was invited to perform. A lot of what Evenflo has achieved has come from just shooting her shot and seeing what sticks. Along with that comes networking.

“That comes as part of any small business,” she said. “You party for a living, so you’re expected to be outgoing and social.”

But the days of simply working with a party promoter are gone now, so social media has taken a bigger stage. Instagram is Evenflo’s platform of choice; she has even connected it to her Twitter account to sync up posts. Since a lot of what she does is incredibly visual, the platform helps her show offher latest looks.

This visual work is inspired by costuming and cosplay culture, and Evenflo creates elaborate costumes for her gigs, which can be seen on her Instagram account. She even does commission work for other folks who are looking for costumes. Her creations usually match the themes of the nights she’s playing.

“That’s part of why I like playing Deviant,” she told us regarding the local goth DJ night. “They usually have theme nights, so I can put something together to match.”

With so much going on, it can be hard for creative folks like Evenflo to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is why she ultimately didn’t.

“I started walking dogs during the day instead,” she told us. She’s had a history of more flexible jobs in the past, mostly working at record stores, which helped her career as a DJ.

“Really, I’ve always just found creative jobs that work around me.”

DJing has changed a lot since Evenflo first got into it.  “When I first started, people used records and turntables. Now, there’s, like, infinite ways.” This can make it extremely tricky for folks who are trying to get started in the industry. But, Evenflo has advice for those who want to try. “Do your research and find out which way speaks to you most. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s the right way or the wrong way.”

For those who are interested in dipping a toe into the scene or attending a show, Evenflo says go for it. “If you want to go to an event, but you’re unsure, just go. There’s so much to be gained from it; it’s a whole culture.”

Photo courtesy of Space Kitten