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Leonardo Dominguez Still Wants to Make Art

As a child grows older and reality comes nearer, many erase the dreams once flourished from a kid’s ignorance. Our creativity dims in order to decide what will bring us a profit; however, that is not true for all.

 Leonardo Dominguez is a 17-year-old high school student whose passion for art began at an early age. His childhood drawings of monsters later set the foundation for divine creations coming through mediums of graphite and charcoal, and now from pen and ink. The fruit of this fuels his hunger for art, he told OUT FRONT. However, his ardor for art was not cultivated until the second grade.

“I had this teacher, and she’s the one that really nurtured my passion. At times, when kids would be doing work, she would allow me to sit down in the hallway and just draw. That’s kind of where it started, and when I knew that’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I think it’s odd after so much time, I still want to be that.”

Dominguez’ skills were not crafted out of hours of class; rather, they were self-taught through the power of the internet and countless hours of practice, but his skill was seen at an early age. In middle school, he created a portrait piece of Walter White from the critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad. His former art teacher found a friend to sell it to for over $300.

Coming into high school, Leo got an internship at Helikon Gallery. There, the curator, Casey Goldberg, gave him unimaginable support.

“He really supported me and pushed me in a direction of where to take my art, how I should learn different items to help me improve. He gave me a book that primarily focuses on anatomy and figure drawings, which I’m using as a tool to teach myself more about illustration.”

Still, difficulties can come up at any time. Creation is not always colorful beauty, for inconveniences arise. The commonality between different kinds of artists is motivation: it is there or it is not.

“One of the most difficult things for me, personally, is just getting there in the first place: sitting down and drawing. It really takes a toll not being able to push myself into those creative endeavors. I suppose the difficulty there is just getting back into the groove of things after not doing it for so long.”

Dominguez has been creating from a young age, and has the desire and drive to do so for a living. Despite the difficulties tied to construction, the persistence of passion lays the foundation to continue. When the world appears to be against him, he creates art.