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A few words from OUT FRONT editor: With Pride barely around the corner behind us, we’re diving head-first into power gala season. Anyone in the nonprofit world knows this is the craziest time of year, as it’s the time to try and secure all sponsorships and donations, as well as make plans for 2020.

But our Power Gala is so much more than just a chance to hold a silent auction or eat some decadent food. It’s a night to honor the people who give 110 percent to the queer community all year ’round.

This year, we have PFLAG, a group of parents who want nothing but the best for queer youth, and Michael Dorosh, an AIDS and HIV activist who has been giving back and trying to change the stigma attached to the virus for decades. We also have Brianna Titone, the first openly trans Colorado representative, and Ophelia Peaches, a 14-year-old drag queen. Plus, we’re honoring a corporate ally, a queer-friendly realtor, and the previous chairperson of the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.

So, if you can swing a Power Gala ticket this year, know you won’t just be padding the pockets of a corporation or non-profit. You’ll be making it possible for the Power Gala to honor our winners every year. Many times, this is the only chance for someone who constantly gives back to get time in the spotlight or hear a thank-you from the community.

So, we hope you’ll join us this year to help thank those who make us great. And if you can’t make it, you can read about their awesome projects in the Power Players issue.