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Not all indicas are perfect for a hot, summer day; some are heavy and full, better for fall or winter. Colorado Harvest Company’s Chem Grape is the perfect answer to the summer indica. Not only does it taste more like a cool glass of grape juice than a heavy, earthy indica, the buzz is mild and relaxing, perfect for staying low-key in hot weather.

CHC’s website claims the taste has “hints of fruity musk and light cedar,” which is a perfect way to characterize the fabulous flavor. It’s hard to decide at first whether this strain is fruity or herby, and it turns out it is a bit of both. The flavor is subtle, unlike a lot of heavier buds that taste cheesy or skunky. It pairs fantastically with summer wine, sour beer, and light food. It also fades off cleanly, with little to no after taste following a smoke session.


THC – .24-.47
ThcA – 27.09-27.5
cbdA – .66-.98
CBG – .11
Total Cannabinoids – 28.12-28.63

The quality of the buds is light and fluffy, with slightly purple, mostly light green flower. It’s not as dark in color as one would expect a strain called Chem Grape to be, but that almost adds to its simplicity and appeal. Rather than rely on a flashy appearance to sell it, Chem Grape’s appeal rests solely with its subtle, fruity aroma and healthy look. The flower is soft to the touch and a little sticky, but still seems to be cured well, and breaks up nicely in a grinder or by hand.

Another way that Chem Grape differs from most indicas is the buzz. Unlike some of its fuzzy, heady cousins, this strain doesn’t hit you like a ton of bricks or make you want to head straight to the kitchen to raid the fridge. The high creeps in subtly, leaving a lasting buzz that is perfect for relaxing, doing chores, or having a chill night on the town. Chem Grape won’t leave you burnt out or sleepy once the high wears off; it fades off gently, making it ideal for smoking earlier in the day.

So, next time you’re looking for an indica to help you relax on a hot summer day, or to puff on before heading out to a drag show or concert, look no further than Colorado Harvest Company’s very own Chem Grape.

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