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Reaching audiences through rich, innovative, and diverse programming may sound like a lofty goal, but in the frequencies of AM/FM radio, there has emerged a queer-centric station that is pushing airwave boundaries. CHANNEL Q isn’t your parents’ talk radio, folks; they are fearlessly on-air and streaming talk, news, and music like the stations of 2019 have never seen.

Beginning on October 11, 2018, CHANNEL Q made its debut on National Coming Out Day, a calculated and crystal-clear choice. Entercom Communications recognized the massive gap in LGBTQ broadcasting; they chose to step up and deviate from the traditional and expected into a world of new and cutting-edge. Acting as the lonewolves of lexicon, they are a one-of-a-kind LGBTQ talk/music radio station with accessibility and versatility unlike any other station around.

For CHANNEL Q, representation is of the utmost importance, and their on-air programming reflects that. Currently reaching 15 major U.S. cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and now Denver, they offer a unique mix of entertainment and information through diverse voices of the community.

“I’d like to think we provide a nice blend of both informing and entertaining our audiences,” said Brian Holt. As program director of Entercom, he has been in radio for years and believes that they provide something that’s not only different but vital to the community.

Brian Holt, Entercom program director, with singer Halsey.

“As opposed to being just a source for news and information, or an entertainment platform, I’d like to think we have a knack for providing both information you can use and entertainment you can enjoy,” Holt said.

Starting at the break of dawn, CHANNEL Q packs a punch with The Morning Beat with Jai and Mikalah, the morning show that touches on hot topics, offering a news and pop-culture combination that creates a party with a purpose. Entertainment talk blended with celebrity interviews, the dynamic duo have seen guests Halsey, Latrice Royale, Shoshana Bean, and many more come through their studio.

Diving into sanity in an insane world, Dumb Gay Politics + Everything Else dissects real issues through a comedic perspective. Let’s Go There with Shira and Ryan finds no topic untouchable or irreverent through their honest take on what’s happening. And, at last, Loveline has found a home again as Dr. Chris Donaghue imparts authentic, sex-positive, and shame-free radical therapy to listeners. These shows and many more offer empowering insight into the community that is as unique as the Pride flag we fly.

In the middle of the introspective and honest conversations, queerly qualified and uber-talented DJs spin a wide variety of musical assortments, something to fit every taste.

While no topic is too taboo, CHANNEL Q takes a hard look at politics, entertainment, and music through a filter that is fabulously queer. And while the lens is LGBTQ, the grand appeal reaches far beyond with their commitment to openness, discussion, diversity, and inclusion.

Catch CHANNEL Q in Denver on Alice 105.9, online at radio.com, and follow them on all socials @wearechannelq.