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Aries: If you have been waiting to make a solid commitment, then July will be the time to do that. The universe is inviting you to form alliances or even a support group! Invest in people again. Loyalty is a long-term investment, but it is worth the time. Connecting with your roots and where you came from looks positive!

Taurus: The way you verbally and nonverbally communicate is wanting to radically shift! These forms of communicating may have worked for you in the past, but you must be honest and ask yourself, do they work now? Get to the point this month! A truth is coming that will allow you to think and imagine more freely!

Gemini: You will rise this month when you start or learn a new skill or job. It will liven up your energy to take on a new challenge. The adventure is there for you! A person with a fiery passion is wanting to take you with them on a quest. It will benefit you to keep a broader vision and to look at options that may seem foreign.

Cancer: The ability to manifest your thoughts and desires into reality is powerful this month! You are encouraged to channel your feelings into an activity or creative project. It will bring you balance and financial reward. When you find yourself questioning your worth because of a past trauma, remind yourself that you are in present time now.

Leo: Are you feeling the need to change direction with your purpose? Now is a good time to make alterations. You have favor when stepping into a new role. Be sure to articulate what you want. You may feel that people are judging and expecting you to fail. Be open to people surprising you, and you’ll discover quite the opposite.

Virgo: Sometimes we are pushed to stand alone. You are being empowered to defend your own honor. One of the most effective ways of learning this is through experience. If something or someone is upsetting your heart, then give yourself permission to walk away. Explore more of your passions! Keep your mind in motion.

1 – Mars moves into Leo
2 – New moon and solar eclipse in Cancer
7 – Mercury moves retrograde
16 – Full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn
22 – Sun moves into Leo
31 – New moon in Leo and Mercury moves direct

Libra: Some award-winning ideas have come to you that could genuinely increase your success! In July, you may find yourself at war with some of these ideas or a strong opinion that you’ve developed. Do not feel guilty. You are being encouraged to study and expand upon your thoughts of success. More information will put your mind at ease.

Scorpio: A surprising opportunity or extra income is being given. You are being guided to be open to big possibilities! Spend your energy and money wisely in July. Invest in the people and experiences that make you feel free. You have more control over your fortune then you realize. Seize what’s coming through and boss up!

Sagittarius: You may find yourself deliberating, having to make a choice. A double life is rarely sustained for long. The choice that gives you the most adventure and freedom to be curious rings as the most beneficial. In some ways, you are finding your salvation this month. Profound inspiration will seep in when you find the courage to love and forgive yourself.

Capricorn: Be prepared for some spicy, fast-paced energy this month! A discovery gives you razor-sharp focus. If you see the worth in a particular investment, then you are encouraged to take it. Your business endeavors look positive! A gesture or offering will help move things along. Own your space. Others are looking to you for leadership.

Aquarius: Energetically, you will find that you are much more aware this month. What is it that you value right now, and how do you wish to see it materialize? Let go of any judgements that surround your feelings of self-worth. Let yourself be seen more. You are more creative and noticeable when you’re having fun! Be a kid!

Pisces: A relationship is coming toward you that is capable of offering worldly success and pleasure! There’s much passion and excitement to be had this month. The person coming in has deep insights to share about your purpose. You are capable of achieving a whole new level of financial security. Take a vacation. Everything is matching up.