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The Republic of Boulder. Boulder is its own little world. Boulder is [insert weird compliment sandwich here.] Fun and weird but expensive. Cool but cliquey and whitewashed. Outdoorsy and granola, so you better be in good shape.

However, if there’s one thing we know for sure about stereotypes, it’s that they’re often not true. After all, most of the world thinks everyone in Colorado sits around all day high on cannabis and mushrooms, and apparently some people think doing butt stuff makes babies gay.

Plus, our roots with Boulder go a lot deeper than just being neighbors. OUT FRONT started in Boulder, not Denver. We may have migrated down south over our 40+ year tenure, but our original office, occupied by founding editor Phil Price, was located at 2900 Aurora Ave., Suite 226, Boulder, CO. We were originally published by Lee Enterprises in Boulder.

Some truths about Boulder can’t be ignored, just like truths about the rest of Colorado. It’s a very white area that needs to recognize its privilege, along with the fact that not every single person in the area can (or wants to) hike a 14er. But there’s a lot more to Boulder than meets the eye. There’s hiking, camping, and natural grocery stores, sure, but there’s also queer culture, poetry, drag, trans collectives, and all kinds of amazing things the casual observer might not notice.

So, in this issue, we celebrate all things Boulder, from the queer and unusual to the outdoorsy and the granola. We hope this inspires you to get out in the Boulder community as well as the Denver one to try and connect and make a difference!

Addison Herron-Wheeler