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Blondetourage, the “wifey DJ duo” who have made a name in Denver with their catchy beats and iconic appearance, are one of the musical acts who will grace the stage at Aurora Pride this year. Gifted with style, grace, and a lot of chemistry, the two are perfect for keeping the party vibes going and cultivating an inclusive atmosphere.

Blondetourage became a couple before they established themselves as a collaborative musical entity, although they met because of the local entertainment industry.

“I thought she was rad,” said Bria Miracle of her wife and DJ partner Erin Beeler. “I thought she was cool, and I didn’t know how to talk to her, but I thought I’d say something.” At first, the pair were friends and dabbled in DJing—Bria in her living room, and Erin at Blush & Blu. A few years later, Erin invited Bria over with an offer too good to resist.

“She said, ‘Hey, I have some puppies at my house; we should hang out,’ and I said ‘I’ll be there as soon as I possibly can.’ Since then, it’s been a sleepover every single night,” Bria said.

The two became an official couple and then decided that the idea of playing music together just made sense. At the beginning of the relationship, Erin invited Bria to collaborate with her during a DJ set at X Bar on the Fourth of July. Thus, Blondetourage was born.

The two now reside in Aurora, and rather than longing for a closer proximity to the heart of Denver, they want to make Aurora an equally welcoming cultural hub. Like many queer couples in Aurora, however, the two feel there is a lack of community in the city due to the fact that there are no LGBTQ bars or meeting places in town and would like to know more about their friends and neighbors.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that comes and getting to know people within our community,” Bria said of Aurora Pride. “Not that Denver isn’t our community, but it’s cool to know that some people live in Aurora. That has been kind of a disconnect because when we moved to Denver, we were both 17 and moved to Cap Hill. We kind of created our communities around us, and now we think it’s nice to have a backyard and be able to find parking, but we aren’t really making those connections out here like we were in Denver.”

The two are excited to play Aurora Pride for the second year in a row and will be sure to bring the party.