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Nothing says love this Holiday season like a steamy gift that will get you in the mood to hop in bed with your significant other, partner, or partners. But the sex toy and lube industry is one that is riddled with potential issues. Since there are no strict regulations in place, toys and lubes can be made of pretty much anything. Luckily, we have companies like Vibrant and Privy Peach.

Vibrant is affiliated with Planned Parenthood, and a portion of their proceeds go to help the nonprofit with clerical stuff. All of the toys are made from body-safe and planet-safe materials. And Privy Peach is a lube company that uses CBD and other natural ingredients.

Vibrant first started when their CEO, Angela Wells, realized that Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains needed a way to keep their lights on and refinish their offices, but there wasn’t a “sexy” solution to raise money for those kinds of expenses. Kim Koehler, founder of Privy Peach, started the company after getting out of an abusive relationship as a way to combat sexual trauma.

Clearly, if you’re going to buy into the commercial rigamarole of the Holiday season, these are some good people to give your money to. Here are a few quality picks from both companies to keep you nice and warm this winter.

Avant’s Blush D2 This amazing piece seriously puts the “d” in dildo. There are plenty of ways you can use it, from suction cup action to strap-on compatibility. The shape is super pleasure-inducing, and the purple makes it both cute and perfect for queer couples. It’s a really basic piece, but also one that no one should be without. And since you’re getting it from Vibrant, you can rest assured that it’s body-safe, and the money goes to a good cause.

NS Novelties’ Shi/Shi 2Fer This double-ended dildo is a must-have for couples, especially couples where both parties have a vagina. It’s kind of the same idea as a bed where both sides are adjustable, so each member of the couple can get a personalized night of sleep. One side can be ramped up to a super-intense, vibrating pulse while the other side is left off altogether. It’s also very pliable, making it a great toy for couples of all body types. And the sleek size and shape make it the ultimate tool for pleasure.

Tenga’s Iroha Mini Simple and classic, everybody needs a vibrator. This little buddy will do the most for people with vaginas seeking clitorial stimulation. The cute size and subtle shape are awesome, and there are plenty of settings. It definitely packs a punch, and it can go anywhere you go.

Privy Peach’s Coco Jambo This infused, exploratory lube is amazing for anyone but especially for people looking to explore anal pleasure. The CBD in the lube helps make penetration more pleasurable and minimizes any associated pain. It also has the amazing smell of cocoa butter. Not only will you feel great, but you can rest assured that everything you’re using for pleasure is completely safe.

Privy Peach’s Sensation Enhancing Erotic Oil This lube is great for those looking for vaginal pleasure. The erotic oil adds a boost for those who wish to increase sensation when it comes to sex. It also smells great. While one would think CBD has a numbing effect, when done right, it can create a tingling that adds to pleasurable sensations. This is a must for those who have sensation issues or just anyone wanting to take pleasure to the next level

Privy Peach’s Santa Cookies CBD Infused Lotion This will have you smelling sugary-sweet for your significant other. Plus, it makes an absolutely adorable gift. Who doesn’t like cookies? A lot of sweet lotions with Christmas scents are full of preservatives and artificial ingredients, but not Privy Peach products. This is one you can feel good about lathering up with.

Naughty Peach Activated Charcoal CBD Bath Bombs Coal in someone’s stocking is the perfect gag gift, but this year, you can actually give the gift of coal that someone is going to want. Privy Peach’s activated charcoal bath bombs are a great way to clear up your skin and enjoy a soothing bath before you get busy in the bedroom.