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Aries:  Listen to the ebbs and flows of your emotional body. There is an overflow of joy coming to you through relationships. A romance or new partner will soon approach, and you’re invited to seize the moment with them! This loving relationship is familiar and is reminding you of what it was like to be utterly carefree. The way you love is a shining example to those around you. Bare your heart.

Taurus:  A relationship from the past is making a surprising appearance and is making some demand. Although it may be difficult, Taurus, let go of everything that you thought you knew about them. The bond between you wants to be healed, but it will take your effort and forgiveness. It’s time to break down some walls. Emotional maturity will be gained. Something about this will feel whole.

Gemini:  You’re being asked to close your eyes and really feel the wind around you. Where do your beliefs stand now? Don’t feel bad if you must relearn some things. This will help you master your energy and current outlook. Don’t be so intimidated that you refuse to ask for help. You’ll be happy to see several options manifest from your dreams. Marching to the beat of your dreams will bring you abundance.

Cancer:  Family and financial security will be a big theme for you this month. You are encouraged to grow your wealth. The key to your success in August is to relax, fully accept, and with minimal effort, you’ll see an abundance of blessings. Your emotional and intuitive connections are growing. A breakthrough will evolve once you step through the gateway that beckons you. Magic surrounds you!

Leo:  There are some happy interactions to be had! Positive breakthroughs are happening within your relationships, especially once you accept the light and dark side of others. Did the universe give you your wish, and now you’re doubting and second guessing? Stop fighting yourself, Leo. Allow yourself a moment to grieve and accept what has been. Peace will come once you release what ails your mind.

11 – Jupiter moves direct and Uranus moves retrograde
15 – Full moon in Aquarius
23 – Sun enters Virgo
30 – New moon in Virgo

Virgo:  You’re encouraged to take a broad view and then plan your next move accordingly. Let others do a bit more of the heavy lifting this month. Paying heed to your spiritual values looks important. Do your spiritual values contradict what you do in the real world? If you must begin again and look for alternative ways of getting spiritually fed, do it. Expect a ton of things to come flying at you all at once!

Libra:  You may find that there are more fertile opportunities capable of producing great results in August. It may be difficult to identify how you’ll achieve these results, but you’re on your way to more abundance. With your work, try incorporating something new or search for a job where you feel you’ll fit in better and have structure. Where you feel emotionally stable is also where you’ll see work stability.

Scorpio:  August is inviting you to share your feelings with any person that you’ve been withholding from. You’ll be glad to find that others are willing to build trust by being an open book. Your imagination is at a high, so apply it to your work or what you desire to see come to pass. The key to tempering your actions because of old wounds is to freely express your emotions as if you were a child.

Sagittarius:  Ask yourself where you might be holding yourself at bay. If you’ve been feeling stuck, then the best solution is to get rid of the thing or person that may be blocking you. You are encouraged to make a radical change which may involve leaving something or someone behind. Surprising insights are coming to you that will give depth to family and financial decisions.  Your legacy is calling for your attention.

Capricorn:  The universe is asking you to get clear on what it is you’re willing to accept. You may have to get a little extra firm this month. It’s now time to critique your recent endeavor, project, or study. There are some improvements to be made Capricorn, whether internal or external. Taking the time to reflect will be most helpful and restorative. The answer that gives you the key to completion can be found in quiet.

Aquarius:  Is there lingering pain that is preventing you from joyfully connecting with others? Are you allowing your heart to be open to love? You are being welcomed to sit with these issues. If your emotions feel like they are overpowering you in August, then it would be wise to release the energy through physical activity. Should any confrontation arise, try being the humble one and pay heed to the lesson.

Pisces:  Two new paths will be calling or offered to you. August will be invigorating and inspiring you to take leaps! Whatever option gives you the biggest sense of creative and personal freedom, looks the most positive. You may find that your business perspective grows especially with the guidance of an older professional. Experiences that are increasing your strength and endurance are occurring.