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Aries: A relationship or intimate conversation is wanting to unfold for you! Be encouraged to forgive, and leave hurtful words behind. Holding on to wrongdoings will only hold the relationship back. A partnership is coming in to help restore balance and take you on a favorable conquest.

Taurus: There is an eager attempt to capture your attention! In order for your worldly success to grow, you must first cater to your emotional needs. Give yourself some quiet time this month to listen to your thoughts of worth and bodily cravings. Making a personal investment looks positive, giving you some security.

Gemini: If you’ve been feeling confused and stumped lately, set aside more time to process and weigh your thoughts. You are being encouraged to slow down this month. Answers will come when you surrender. It will prove to be more beneficial if you hold steadfast rather than shift on impulse. Practice mindful meditation!

Cancer: A recent decision, rule, or structure has been put into place that may be throwing you off. It will feel more together once you really open yourself up to the possibilities. Someone is taking charge. Avoid giving too much too soon. There’s no need to stress over what is lost. Clarity rushes in through a social event!

Leo: Make practical and creative use of the messages that you have recently received. You have everything you need, so make the magic happen! Do not be afraid to ask for what you want, especially when it comes to your livelihood. There is great satisfaction to be had with your creations. Your talents are being sought!

Virgo: Concentrate on where you really want to put your energy next. Some extra income may be available to you. Putting some money toward a new experience or a new investment looks positive. It looks to mature beautifully! Take a moment mid-month to reflect on what is disappointing you; then let it go by, forgiving.

4/5 – New moon in Aries
4/10 – Jupiter moves retrograde
4/11 – Another full moon in Libra
4/20 – Sun moves into Taurus
4/24 – Pluto moves retrograde
4/29 – Saturn moves retrograde
Happy birthday Aries and Taurus!

Libra: Your energy balances out, and so do your activities this month. Accept whatever love and affection comes. Relationship and financial opportunities are wanting to make appearances. Be strong and bold enough in saying yes or no. Someone is coming in to ignite your passions and to ensure your plans are successful!

Scorpio: Some secret wisdom is being imparted to you which gives you an edge this month! Keep some of this to yourself, and be cautious with whom you share. Understand that sometimes knowledge is a burden. Your problem-solving abilities are enhanced now. Whatever mistake arises can be healed with your intention.

Sagittarius: A recent trip or experience is proving to be character-building. You may find yourself taking on more of a leadership role in April. If it becomes too overwhelming, separate yourself from the situation. You’ll find peace in giving yourself some distance. A settlement or offer is coming that helps your wellbeing!

Capricorn: Beware of any surrounding deception and hidden agendas. It is a good time for you to clear out toxic relationships, patterns, and old wounds. Beginning a job or project from scrap looks most beneficial. A big transformation is happening within you that requires you to embrace rather than fight it.

Aquarius: You are being put on a pedestal! Others may try to challenge your claim and worth, but your purpose is to shine your truth. A powerful conviction has stirred you, and you are encouraged to see it through. Your determination will gain you the respect of many this month. A victory is at hand; seize it!

Pisces: It’s OK to refuse a financial pursuit that feels off. In the event that your anxiety tries to take over, look to your dreams and the fearful images that emerge. You will gain solutions this way that will transform your fears into your allies. A powerful statement can change the direction of your reputation in the blink of an eye!