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In the shadows many hide

With no man or woman to confide

They walk among us every day

With many thoughts they may never say

Alone yet surrounded

A bird that is grounded

Rights and freedoms, they ‘just’ came

A raise of hands—aren’t we all the same?

A daily costume constantly worn

Does little for those forlorn

For these the TRUTH does not set them free

It’s more a magnifying glass for all to see

The comments, actions, and betrayals

Images, assumptions, poor portrayals

Some proclaim, “It is a choice!”

But remember, these many still have no voice

And why would they go and choose it!?

When many who ‘care’ would surely lose it.

Judgments, misunderstandings, and some loss

Is it right? No matter the cost?

They fight a battle, many alone

Years of oppression—who condones?

So rise up, or stay hidden.

Your love is forbidden

And in the darkness may

You nay forever stay

Those tears are felt

No judgement dealt

You’re important and beautiful

I know that sounds ‘dutiful’

Find peace, find hope, find the answer

Listen up—this isn’t cancer

It’s a journey, so travel it

A challenge, so overcome it

I know what it’s like to be tossed to and fro

To feel like you’ll never have the chance to grow

To feel broken, bound, and soul-torn

Someday, others will surely mourn

Helpless hapless, hopeless, happy-less!, and lost

Trust me, it’s happening at enormous cost

And truth be told

I’m not that bold…

But It’s a goal of mine

To make the needed time

To push back, to speak up,

To stand tall, to never give up

But for now, in the shadows I lie

A sincere and lonely guy

Pretending, existing … crying

Every day a little more dying

But with every ounce of might,

I’ll shed the dark & seek the light.

And I’ll confidently, quietly, courageously say

That for me—“it’s OK. It’s OK to be gay.”