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It’s here again: Pride season, and this time, it’s even more meaningful. It’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, of Pride. It’s the time of year that we look back on the brave trans women, drag queens, and queer folks who paved the way for us. It’s the one time of year that everything turns rainbow and glittery.

But the problem is, Pride is a little like Christmas for Christians. There are plenty of people who go the whole year never talking about church, or Jesus, but in December, their home is lit up with red and greens lights, and they are singing the Lord’s praises in Christmas carols. They spend money; they are all about goodness and paying it forward.

And then, in January, they are back to swearing in traffic and not going to church. They are Christian for one month of the year, and they really, truly feel it in their hearts during that month and have a great holiday season. But then it’s over, and it’s back to the same old routine.

That’s a bit like how lots of queer folks, and a lot of allies, are during Pride month. For a month, everything is all rainbow and glitter, and then things go back to being “straight,” monochromatic, and dull.

This is a time when Pride is needed more than ever. We are facing hate crimes, especially against trans people, at an alarming rate. Right here in Denver, a trans woman named Amber was brutally attacked and beaten.

Plus, while we like to look back at Stonewall and earlier Prides and think about how far we’ve come, there is still so much work to be done. Trans folks, especially women and people of color, still face a lot of prejudice and hate. The G is still center-stage in a lot of queer spaces, whithout much regard to the L and the B, much less the T. Even as a cis woman, I am constantly reminded that the queer world, especially queer media, is still very much a boys’ club.

So, this time around, when you feel moved by the spirit of Pride, hold on to that feeling; spread it around, and make sure you’re keeping it all year and applying it to all people.