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New York raised and based electro-pop artist Vérité made her Denver headlining debut to a sold-out Lost Lake Lounge on Sunday, November 24. On the heels of her sophomore album release, new skin, she is showing the world what she’s got and making no mistakes when it comes to breaking the indie barrier.

The blistering threat of a winter storm couldn’t keep the crowd away as they packed the intimate venue on East Colfax on a Sunday night. While that may seem like a rare occasion, the artist known as Vérité has been rising on a rocket headed straight to stardom since her debut single “Strange Enough” released in 2014.


Her haunting vocals pierced through the crowd as Lost Lake as she worked through renditions of live versions of songs like “good for it,” “gone,” and “body in my bed” off the new album as well as favorited songs from her former release, Somewhere in Between.

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Vérité’s cover of “Somebody Else” by The 1975 has reached more than 116 million plays on Spotify alone, and while that may be what drew some folks to her sound, her original music is what keeps the fans and continues to see them grow.

The  line that Vérité walks between heartbreak and dance pop is so fine, yet she does it with finesse and keeps the audiences in the palm of her hand. This is what live music should be; an exchange between audience and artist, vulnerability and storytelling that coddles and soothes those in the deepest depths of heartache and suffering.

While there is pain in many of Vérité’s tracks, there is an assurance of confidence and growth that surpasses it all, and she creates space for it all.


“I got new love, new skin to wrap myself in/ New lows, new sins to lose myself in/ New heart, new limbs to bury myself in/ New love, new skin.” – new skin, Vérité

New age pop music with a hint of alternative and a side of emo, that’s what Vérité is dishing, and we are eating it up!

*Photos by Veronica L. Holyfield