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Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist and nonbinary artist Tash Sultana played their incredible “one-person-band” set to a sold-out Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday, September 25. As the summer faded into fall, the air was brisk and the tunings were sharp, and all were reminded of just how talented this young, queer person is.

Sultana, originally from Melbourne, Australia, broke international records in 2016 with their single “Jungle,” when they uploaded a home recording onto YouTube and acquired one million views in five days. The musician can play more than 20 instruments, including guitar, bass, trumpet, flute, percussion, and saxophone, and the stage became littered with parts and pieces as Sultana switched back and forth and simultaneously looped percussions with guitar parts.

Shortly after the release of “Jungle,” Sultana released the four-song EP Notion and eventually a full-length album titled Flow State in 2018. Blending a chill vibe with an expert skill, they tap into a global sound of ambient psychedelic meets rockin’ reggae. Throw in some goose-bump inducing vocals and you’ve come halfway to describing what Sultana can do.

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For most musicians, playing at a venue like Red Rocks Amphitheatre carries an air of clout and prestige, as the beauty of the landscape is paired with the level of expertise that has walked onto that stage. At the age of 24, this does not go unnoticed that there has perhaps never been an artist quite like Sultana on that stage before.

Claiming every inch of the massive stage, Sultana may be meek in stature, but they are mighty in grabbing and holding onto the attention of every set of eyes in the crowd.

With Sultana, the air reached a chill factor of ten out of ten.

All photos by Veronica L. Holyfield