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K-pop is in the middle of an evolution, and singer, songwriter, and dancer Amber Liu, who simply goes by Amber, is leading the charge.


After recently bowing out of the all-girl group f(x) in 2019, the entertainer has crafted a brand-new album with songs done her way. Wrapping up a stint on the road, Amber has been out promoting her newest single “Stay Calm,” off the brand-new EP titled X. Amber takes to the stage like a pro, delivering a vigorous and almost athletic performance. Not one to sit on a stool and swoon, she is taking up space on the stage and ultimately in the hearts of those who adoringly sing along to every single word.


Amber took momentary breaks in the dance-athon to communicate some vague, yet pressing, issues that are on her mind. She has a lot more to say than she was ever allowed to as a member of f(x), and while she may still skirt topics with allegories and metaphor, those who are in touch with what it means to be a queer person can easily tap into what she is and is not saying.

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While Amber has not come out as LGBTQ, she is definitely queer. Stemming from a conservative, Asian-American household, she is carving a solo act into the music industry from her Korean pop group foundation. She is androgynous, has honed in an impressive collection of dance moves, and makes the girls in the audience weak in the knees.

Her voice is crystal clear; her music is just shy of tapping into sickly sweet pop music, and her fans gobbled it all up.


*Photos by Veronica Holyfield