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Dominic Harrison, also known as YUNGBLUD, has been taking the music world by storm.

YUNGBLUD’s sound stretches across a wide range of music genres. Rather than creating music with one specific sound, he’s able to meld sounds together in order to create a different yet enjoyable final product.

It’s not all just about good tunes, however. His music also touches on political and social topics. His song “Polygraph Eyes” discusses party culture and how people take advantage of women under the influence of alcohol.

“Just because a girl wears a short skirt or wants to get really drunk does not give you the right to take advantage of that fact,” YUNGBLUD explained when asked about the song in an interview.

“Tin Pan Boy” also touches on the hot-button issue of gentrification. Not only is the British artist not afraid to say what he thinks, he wants to make sure that his words have an impact. 

At the age of 19, YUNGBLUD has already influenced young people about important topics through his music. He is currently on tour across Europe and Australia. Check out about YUNGBLUD here

Photo courtesy Facebook