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Youth on Record has served Colorado’s creative youth for over 10 years. Their various programs focus on music, and their demographic mainly consists of people of color. Growing up in a world that seems to be against many, Youth on Record assists in healthy and creative ways for teens to express themselves while also building a career.

Youth on Record offers high school courses with the Side-by-Side Coaching model that includes Denver Public School music teacher lessons with professional musicians. The program expands educator’s knowledge in order to spread it to their classes. 

The youth participating in other musical programs are granted the skills to find employment opportunities within the entertainment industry once they’ve have graduated. 

Youth on Record has a grand focal point on real-world practices. On top of training youth to make them suitable for employment, the organization holds classes to assist in career building. The program is divided into two stages. It is all about goal-setting and taking the steps to achieve them.

Those in the program are given the title of Fellows. Fellows are to write down and create action to make it to their goals. They are also offered feedback and support by other members and staff. The second half of the program is tied to professional development, and Fellows are taught skills “including financial education, goal setting, business planning, marketing strategies, and building a webpage,” according to a press release. The Fellowship program is taught over a 10-month period with monthly meetings.

They also work with another group, FEMpowered, an all-female program for young women to tap into their “individual artistic abilities, develop group collaborative pieces, and learn new skills relevant to the creative industries.” FEMpowered is a free activity for young women from the ages of 14-20.

Youth on Record doesn’t solely gear their courses to music; they also have MYOR (My Youth On Record), which is a podcast on iTunes that often has well-known musical guest and covers musical topics, too. 

Youth on Record houses groups for teens to work on different skills related to the entertainment industry and how an individual can make it on their own.

The majority of the teens who work with Youth on Record are people of color. With a population of 1,000, “90 percent quality for TANF; 79 percent are Hispanic, and 12 percent are Black.” This non-profit has grown more than 1,000 percent. In assisting youth in some of Denver’s vulnerable communities, they have taught them coping skills and professional skills to enter the employment realm.

Holding an amazing staff to guide the people of tomorrow, Youth on Record has a new addition, Stephen Brackett. Brackett has been in the entertainment industry for over 12 years, and has shared the stage with big names like Bernie Sanders and the Dalai Lama. He is no stranger to the Youth on Record nonprofit, for he was one of the founders of it in 2008 with his band, Flobots.

Brackett will be now taking the role of Director of Special Programs. He found his love for the arts during his time as a student at Denver State University. Brackett decided to found Youth on Records after realizing that arts education was occurring less and less within the public school system.

Having been in the business of music and production for ten years, Youth on Record is planning on expanding more throughout Colorado to reach our youth across the state.