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All across the country, cities will be celebrating gender equality in the form of nipple freedom. For the sixth consecutive year, Denver will be one of those cities that is participating in GoTopless Day, Sunday, August 26.

What exactly does that all mean, you ask? We will help you break out of those wired cups, tank tops, and sports bras and break it down.

Denver GoTopless Day is a parade down 16th Street Mall sans, you guessed it, tops. Anyone interested in joining the march for bosom equality, meet at Skyline Park by 2 p.m. to boogie down with the paraders. Looking at being the biggest year yet, with estimating over 1,000 in attendance, there will be live music and entertainment starting at 11 a.m. up at Skyline. The parade route will end at Civic Park and come to a close by 6 p.m.

Who can participate? Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join in or simply observe the rally, bare-chested or not. Mia Jean, co-organizer of Denver’s GoTopless rally alongside Matt Wilson, told Westword how they are always striving to be more inclusive with the event, and this year is no different.

“We want everyone to know that ALL are welcome at the event,” said Jean, “regardless of race, sexual identity, religion or creed.” She went on to say that there will even be body painters on site to allow a bit more coverage options aside from the bare and brave.

“We try to stress that anyone wanting to participate is free to wear AS MUCH or AS LITTLE as they wish,” Jean continued, “with the exception of exposing genitals, of course! So you are welcome to go fully topless, with body paint, pasties or your favorite shirt!”

Is it legal? Absolutely. Denver municipal codes state that public indecendy is explicitly targeted towards sexual acts. Jean went on to explain that the rally has spent the last five years fostering a good relationship with law enforcement as forest rangers, and it is in no way unlawful to be topless in Denver. Organizers have gone as far as to assemble pamphelets that fully explain city laws and ordinances.

Why, you may ask, is a day like this important? This event is ultimately tackling the issue of gender inequality by means of body commercialization and unjust double standards. GoTopless Day 2018 lands itself right on Women’s Equality Day, and how much more appropriate a way to celebrate the progression of equality than to gather in community and continue to strive for more!?

Photo courtesy of Denver’s GoTopless Day Facebook Event