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In recent news from the Trump administration, transgender people are under attack yet again. This time, the focus is narrowed in on a subset of those within a community that is disproportionally marginalized: the homeless trans person.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has put an effort into placing the right of refusal of services, benefits, and accommodations based on a person’s self-identified gender. The proposed new rule change would effect the federal protections established during the Obama administration, potentially allowing single-gender facilities to base admittance or denial on the “sex” of the individual.

HUD said the proposal would give more leeway to shelter providers on the admission of people who “may misrepresent their sex.” This proposal came just days after HUD Secretary Ben Carson pledged to keep LGBTQ protections intact.

Gender identity which is self-determined, recognized, and protected is of the utmost importance for trans folks, especially in times of seeking shelter and resources. For many who experience homelessness, physical safety can be compromised, and these types of discriminations can lead to lasting emotional and mental repercussions like PTSD.

As an additional slap in the face for the queer community, the Pride LGBTQ for Trump t-shirt has been made readily available (same design as last year, BTW) on the Tump/Pence website. Just in time for Pride season, it would be interesting to see what creative ways the LGBTQ community can utilize those…

While the white house is making its best attempts at shrinking and silencing the queer community, it sure doesn’t mind making a couple bucks at its expense. This new roll-out of right removal for LGBTQ folks is in direct alignment with the Trump Administration’s agenda: make money off the backs of those they demolish.