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If you’re looking for a feel-good show to get you in the mood for the holiday season, look no further than Tuesdays with Morrie, presented by Cherry Creek Theatre at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center.

For those not familiar with the classic story, Morrie Schwartz  is the beloved professor of narrator Mitch during college. When Mitch graduates, life happens, and he loses touch with Morrie despite their promises to stay friends. It’s not until much later, when Morrie is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, that the two reconnect.

While there’s just a little bit of cheese to this classic tale, it’s very relatable, as most people in 2019 have a person in their lives whom they want to stay in touch with or support, but they just can’t make the time. The message is about more than just enjoying life or loving our elders; it’s about making time for what is important in a day and age when there is never extra time.

As for Cherry Creek’s rendition of the show, it was remarkably executed, especially considering how small the theatre is. With only two people in the entire cast of the show, both actors have to be incredibly on their game for the show to go over, and they were. The set was also immaculate, and the fact that one of the monitors went out during the performance didn’t phase cast or crew, as all cues were executed beautifully and the performance still went off without a hitch.

In addition to being an amazing show, the play is also part of the  2019 Neustadt JAAMM (Jewish Arts, Authors, Movies, & Music) Festival at the Mizel Center. Find more info here. 

If you want to catch this awesome performance for yourself, grab your tickets here, as they’re going fast and the show is almost sold out each night. The show runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons through November 24.