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If you get confused among the litany of conservative cis heterosexual men spewing hate on FOX or social media, Tucker Carlson is known for the vintage pictures of him in a bowtie. Carlson hosts Tucker Carlson Tonight, which presents a prime example of conservative, nonsensical rhetoric.

Let’s backtrack, because FOX commentaries are very interchangeable and look the same. Carlson is a quintessential preppy fraternity man in a fitted blazer and harsh side part.

Also, Carlson won a National Magazine award for an Esquire story in 2003. He was once a promising journalist with the hope of integrity. But as the story goes, he fell into a downward spiral which leads us to the comments on his show, when he said there’s no such thing as a transgender community. Carlson made the remark while speaking with guest Cathy Areu this past Monday.

Tucker Carlson, in a bowtie. Photo Courtesy: Larry Gross Online.

This is not the first time Carson has attacked the trans community. On February 24, 2017, the host invited Jillian Weiss, an outspoken trans woman to the show and immediately began insulting her and the community. “ I’m saying don’t give $11 billion … to people who are faking,” he said.

While many can just ignore Carlson’s ignorance, piling it in with the rest of the FOX News nonsense, it is a part of the terrifying normalization of hate towards the entire LGBTQ community, and especially trans people.