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President Donald Trump’s time in the office was met with criticism from the start. Since his 2016 election, there have been a lot of questionable moves that brought up the concept of impeachment. Up until recently, however, it was mostly just talk.

The reason for the inquiry is due to to Trump’s communications with the Ukraine over former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter had dealings with a Ukraine natural gas company, Burisma, and the company was investigated for accusations of money laundering.

Trump’s impeachment inquiry began October 2. While it’s impossible to keep up with the live reporting in a print format, and by the time you read this, the information out when I wrote this will be outdated, there are a few questions we can answer.

How would Trump being impeached impact us?

More Americans are supporting the impeachment of Trump and his removal from office. At the time of this writing, a 45 percent to 38 percent plurality now shows more people are backing the House’s action to remove him from office. According to USA Today, 74 percent of democrats and 17 percent of republicans  are in favor of the impeachment of Trump.

With the issues surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden, at the time of this writing, 30 percent of republicans say Trump using China and the Ukraine to investigate into the Bidens is an abuse of his power. Eighty percent say he is not above any laws. This percentage surpasses that of the democrats and independents.

President Trump’s reputation is hurting more than ever after the impeachment inquiry, and a big reason is the way he is handling it. The difference between Bill Clinton’s and Trump’s impeachment inquries is the way Clinton held himself. Though a lie later became an iconic line, his calm demeanor kept the criticism in check.

Trump’s inquiry, however, displays his frustrations with the situation. He isn’t doing a good job of keeping his cool.

How likely is Trump to be impeached?

The three presidents who have received impeachment inquiries did not run for reelection. Trump is already running again for the 2020 presidential election. With percentages growing against his favor, however, it’s possible that even if he does run, his campaign will be drastically affected.

A president cannot pardon themself to avoid conviction. When the requirements were written for impeachment, they limited the consequences down to two: removal of office, and to be dis-entittled from the office.

However, keep in mind, a president who is removed is not disqualified from reelection. But that doesn’t mean we should despair. A successful impeachment, especially considering how Trump is handling it, is sure to hurt his chances.

Professor Allan Lichtman has predicted presidential elections accurately since the 80s, when Ronald Regan was elected. Lichtman’s theory behind his predictions eliminates the candidate itself and focuses on the party. Lichtman states there are 13 keys that can assist in election. If either party holds six of those keys, they win. So far, the democrats only have four keys against the republicans. However, this inquiry could trigger the turning of more keys in their favor.

How would Impeachment Impact Us?

Through the history of U.S. impeachments, not one person has been convicted. Still, this scandal of impeachment can assist the democratic party by giving them a major advantage. Still, despite all odds, Trump still has the possibility of being elected for his second term.

Now, for another question on queer folks’ minds. If Trump is removed from office, will his allowances of discrimination be thrown out, too?

The way Trump runs the country paved way for loose ends to unravel when it comes down to morality. We all felt the tension and have seen more examples of unjust actions towards humans through his term. The fact remains that some laws and rulings can be overturned, but the movement of hate he has mobilized will remain.

Photo by Veronica L. Holyfield