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If you are trans and looking to get support or counseling, look no further. There is a new trans-specific facility in town, Transgender Center of the Rockies.

The center is an offshoot of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, the same group that oversees the Denver Element, a safe space for LGBTQ individuals to get mental and sexual health counseling.

We are planning on offering peer-led support groups that meet every week,” said Cass Daniels, the team lead on the project. “We will also be providing substance use group counseling, mental health assistance, group counseling, and PrEP and employment case management. We will be a one-stop shop for mental health, sexual health, and job counseling.” 

“I want to be as inclusive of the community as possible, whether people are nonbinary gender expansive, agender, intersex, we are open to providing support,” he added. 

Only open since Monday, the Transgender Center of the Rockies is located at 3460 South Federal blvd., Englewood, CO. Check them out online or stop by and see a counselor!  

Photo courtesy of the Broadly trans stock photo project