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The Denver Post recently published a transphobic op-ed by Krista Kaferand trans advocates are furious about its contents and the fact that the Post published the column.

“At a time when Americans from different marginalized communities are facing unprecedented levels of attack from the White House, we as staunch supporters of a free press, look to your newspaper and others to report on the truth and call out injustice in your editorials,” stated a letter from One Colorado.“So imagine our shock and anger when we read a column in your newspaper that has no basis in fact, and instead repeats decades-old transphobic talking points in order to isolate an entire community and justify defining legal recognition of transgender Coloradans out of existence.”


The letter was not only from One Colorado but from numerous local queer organizations, including the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, PFLAG Denver, and the Colorado Name Change Project.

In her op ed, referring to the recent attacks by Trump on trans identity, Kafer stated, “…redefining males as females and vice versa because they choose to live as such does a disservice to men and women who are obligated to comply with another person’s subjective reality… The Trump Administration is right to define male and female according to scientific standards. The Colorado Legislature should follow suit next session by revisiting a 2008 law that forbids schools and other public institutions from distinguishing between male and female, as scientifically defined. Colorado law should define male and female on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

While Kafer claims that her position is based on science, she misses the fact that no one is asking for a change to the biological definition of sex as defined by the two sexes, male and female. Trans people and their allies are simply asking for gender preferences to be respected, a position that is backed by most reputable scientists.

Those interested in standing with the trans community publicly in Denver can attend the Fight Back! Rally at the Department of Health and Human Services this Friday, November 2, at 5:30 p.m.