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When a single musical experience interlaces classic, fun tunes with fresh perspective, that’s when you know you’ve hit gold. Town Hall Arts Center’s production of The World Goes ‘Round transports the audience to a warm world of beauty through sight and sound, and in a time when those moments of being carried away are so necessary, there is something impeccably perfect about reaching that escape through live theatre.

Running through April 28, The World Goes ‘Round is a musical review show that has it all. Coming from the catalog by multi-Tony award winning team John Kander and Fred Ebb, the stage brings to life numbers “Cabaret,” “All That Jazz,” and “New York, New York,” along with so many other well known and favorite nostalgia pieces.  

From the top of Act 1, the elegantly subtle stage of glowing, low-lit bulbs radiated as a pulse, bringing this new world to life. The band softly introduced the opening chords of “And the World Goes ‘Round,” and the audience was ushered back to a different era. Imagine one of speakeasy’s and dry gin martini’s; one of tassels and sequins that flow and sway along the seam of ladies’ dresses. This was now a world that evoked a feeling of warmth and ease, offering a breath of relief.

Matt LaFontaine (l) and Lyzee Newton-Jones in The World Goes ‘Round at Town Hall Arts Center.

Photo Courtesy of Town Hall Arts Center.

Though small in number, the five-some cast was robust in an impressive talent and range. As Traci Kern, Matt LaFontaine, Maggie Lamb, Lynzee Newton-Jones, and Jeremy Rill led the way down a winding path of story, each and every cast member had several moments to shine; providing delicate movement, raucous laughter, and carefree joy which filled the house. It would truly be impossible to choose a favorite song or performance from the thirty-plus numbers divided, into two acts. The voices brought breathtaking and spine-tingling moments which rang throughout the delightful showcase, proving the incredible talent that Colorado art and performance has to offer. 

Director and choreographer Nick Sugar, a veteran to production, demonstrated his command of stage with seamless transitions, appearing effortless and genuine. Sugar is a person who appreciates and understands exactly what the audience wants and he expertly crafted an evening of visual and sonic beauty. From laugh-out-loud moments on roller skates to heart breaking ballads of loss, Sugar guided the talented cast into a solid two-hour show of inspiration and emotion.

Additionally, the artful musical direction, led by Donna Kolpan Debreceni, dazzling costuming, by Linda Morken, and exquisite light design, by Seth Alison, the entire team splendid production checked all the boxes of a wonderful theatrical encounter, top to bottom. 

With still time to catch The World Goes ‘Round in action, this production is certain to make a beautiful date night with someone special, a perfect show for the entire family, or even a wonderful way to treat yourself to something classy and jazzy.