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As we hope you already know, and double hope you were one of the almost 200,000 Denver voters who turned in their ballots, last night was an important one.

Many sat and waited well into the night for the numbers of the most recent election to be counted. As the fate of some future Denver representatives has been sealed, there are still a few hopefuls that must remain on the campaign trail a bit longer.

What you need to know:

The position of Mayor is undecided.

The race continues for incumbent Michael Hancock (with 39 percent of the votes) and newbie Jamie Gielles (with 26 percent of the votes). Over the next four weeks, the duo will be hitting the road hard for the runoff campaign process, which will conclude with elections on June 4.

The Districts are a split decision.

District 1: Amanda Sandoval is in the lead (31 percent) and will face Mike Somma (17.5 percent) in a runoff if the results hold.
District 2: Councilman Kevin Flynn won reelection.
District 3: Jamie Torres (40 percent) takes a narrow lead to Veronica Barela (37 percent) and will be entering a runoff if the results hold.
District 4: Councilwoman Kendra Black won.
District 5: Amanda Sawyer (41 percent) takes the lead to incumbent Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman (36 percent) and they will enter a runoff if the results hold.
District 6: Councilman Paul Kashmann won reelection.
District 7: City Council President Jolon Clark won reelection.
District 8: Councilman Chris Herndon (51 percent) won.
District 9: Councilman Albus Brooks (46.5 percent) will be entering a runoff with Candi CdeBaca (41 percent) if results hold.
District 10: Councilman Wayne New (42 percent) will be going to a runoff campaign against Chris Hinds (29 percent), if the results hold.
District 11: Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore (75 percent) won.
At Large: Incumbent Councilwomen Debbie Ortega (36 percent) and Robin Kniech (28 percent) both won reelection.

County Clerk and Recorder is undecided

As votes are still being counted, it looks most likely that Paul Lopez (36.18 percent) and Peg Perl (32.62 percent) will be heading to runoff, leaving behind Sarah McCarthy (31.2 percent) with their slight lead.


Both Initiative 300, the dismantling of Denver’s camping urban camping ban, and Initiative 301, the decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms, failed to pass.

For anyone hoping that election season would finally come to a close, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. See you at the polls, again, on June 4!