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One of the hottest punk bands creating some serious descent and political upheaval are punk heroes The Restarts. You can hear their new single, “Out and Proud,” right here.

The trio group is based in East London but have been making waves all the way across the Atlantic. In North America, the band is bringing back the rugged and raw look of punk rock by playing house shows across the continent and financing their own tours.


After 14 months in the making, The Restarts are proud to announce their album, set to come out on October 25. The Uprising album is the band’s sixth studio album complete with 12 songs to sing your heart out to.

Newly signed to Pirates Press Records, the band gave a warning about their work they stated: “Warning: contains pointed political critiques on gentrification, mental health, origins of homophobia, addiction, and the political circus that is Brexit! This is Restarts unapologetic and definitely angry.”

The Restarts’ song “Out and Proud” tackles the subjects of coming out, being an ally to the queer community, and Europe’s anti-LGBTQ legislation.

“Out and Proud” also looks at the origins of homophobia. India honored people who thrived in the space between male and female, celebrating folks known as Hijra, a third gender. In ancient mythology, deities had the ability to alter their gender. Once the British took over, they forced their values on others and began eliminating all that was not deemed as Christian. 

The old act of killing what is not Christian has paved the way for a lot of colonization and genocide in our world, and there are still various countries that are not safe for LGBTQ people to live in.

With all this in mind, The Restarts have crafted a song about being proud of your identity and the work it took to get us where we are today.

Snag the album here.