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The 2020 Oscars have been unveiled in the best satin and lace, and the stars shone in the most shimmering stripes and sequins. All the beautiful characters showed us their designer celebrity as they counted down the fabulous showcase.

The Oscars are the best of the best, and this is a ceremony the world sits up for, a time when we nominate the top accolades of the year to folks donning the fiercest and finest lewks. This event became everything we wanted the moment Billy Porter stepped onto the red carpet in his Jimmy Choos. 

The 2020 Oscars gifted us a fabulous and truly queer opening, an event so magnanimous the moment allowed the viewer a true reverie of what could only be interpreted as a pantomime of American royalty, and it had Janelle Monáe to thank (with special guest Billy Porter). Janelle highlighted (as did Natalie Portman on the red carpet) many of the snubbed films this year, encapsulating the very freedom we have in expressing what it means to be acknowledged (and otherwise) in this very permanent artistic medium. 

The Oscars will always be problematic in regard to what category, and whom specifically, they dedicate their award; however, they provide an interesting and inviting venture to remind and galvanize the world to the reality that other people exist. The films that are remembered in time of The Oscars may simply remain in the subjective opinion of the viewer.

There’s an academy that nominates and votes on the Oscars, but don’t worry, there will be a queer Oscar vote in the future. Right now, though, let’s give Janelle, Billy, and those many other beautiful individuals their time in 2020. It is also the perfect Oscar year to see how cool Elton John is celebrating his very personal biopic onstage. It is an LGBTQ pride event early in the year. It’s a present to us all, the luxury of an artist owning a true revolutionary moment. He shares the queer light alongside Joaquin Phoenix, who won his first Oscar, and in his speech asked for a deeper search for empathy, respecting the queer narrative (1:30 into speech).

An exclusive attraction of the evening was the outstanding win of Renee Zellweger for her portrayal of Judy Garland in the film Judy. Judy is and will always be a LGBTQ icon; Renee is most deserving win for a leading role, which in a very significant and rewarding way, attributes to the queer influence on the Oscars. 

Photos courtesy of Facebook