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Happy Holidays! We at OUT FRONT know how stressful this time of year can be for queer people. We also know how much y’all love to celebrate and shower your loved ones with eccentric gifts. Here in Colorado, we have the opportunity to give gifts that make the recipient’s mood elevated in many ways. It’s the gift of artisanal cannabis.


Dixie Elixirs Birthday Cake Bar
Don’t let this chocolate only be enjoyed on your birthday; it’s too good to just be an annual thing. A classic vanilla-chocolate bar littered with rainbow sprinkles, filled with 100mg or 200mg of THC, and wrapped in a beautiful pink box, this edible is as queer as they come. Enjoy all the benefits of funfetti birthday cake without your loved ones squawking “Happy Birthday” at you.

Dixie Elixirs SYNERGY Soak
Who doesn’t like a little cannabis in the bathtub? This is taking things beyond a joint and a soak or some edibles before stepping into a bubble bath. While the soak contains both THC and CBD, it doesn’t really get you high, at least not in the traditional sense of eating, smoking, or vaping THC. Instead, your entire body just feels relaxed. This is an amazing self-love gift, or the perfect thing for someone who is on their feet all day.

Dixie Elixirs Watermelon Dewdrops
As a fan of all things watermelon flavored, Dixie Elixirs Watermelon Dewdrops did not disappoint—not only in taste but in results. After taking two dropperfuls (6mg THC) and holding them under my tongue for 60 seconds, the refreshing taste of artificial watermelon made love to my taste buds. Not long after, I was relaxed enough to finish my Halloween shopping. Two doses when I got home, and I was ready to Netflix & Chill.

Dixie Elixirs SYNERGY Balm
This balm is the perfect thing to soothe your aches and pains. Just like the soak, it won’t really get you high, but it will make your body feel nice and relaxed. Apply it specifically to a trouble area, or use it like lotion before bed to help relax and ease any tension that develops during the day. You can’t go wrong!

Wana Disposable Vape: Indica Kush
Wana isn’t the company you think of when it comes to vape pens, since they’re known for their Wana Cap edibles. But this brand new, disposable vape pen will be a welcome addition to their product offering. It’s cute, portable, and packs the perfect amount of punch, a great present for someone visiting and looking to see the sights. The only downside? It’s so cute you’ll wish it was refillable and reusable.

Stratos Soothe 1:1 Salve
Stratos Soothe, a topical ointment that combines 100 milligrams of THC and 100 milligrams of CBD, six essential oils, and a plant-based compound to help with absorption, is a gift from the cannabis gods. Not only is it easy to apply, but it works quickly and effectively to soothe irritation and help the body heal. It’s also gluten, nut, and paraben free, and it smells great. This would be the perfect gift for a loved one who struggles with skin irritation. Trust both me and my psoriasis when we say that Soothe is a must have.

Stratos Relax 1:1 CBD/THC Tincture
“Relax 1:1 is a phospholipid emulsion 1:1 tincture made with whole plant CBD and hybrid THC.” What do all those fancy words mean? We’re not sure; we’re too relaxed. The calming combination of CBD and THC in this tincture is just the thing if you have anxiety, pain, or both. The THC seems to be derived from some seriously chill strains that leave you feeling mellowed out, while the CBD makes your body feel light, relieves tension, and eases pain. The perfect gift for anyone looking for something a bit more medicinal.

Dixie Elixirs Straight Up Dark Chocolate
You can’t really go wrong with classic dark chocolate. This bar lends itself well to being an infused product, since dark chocolate masks the taste of cannabis and is also enjoyed in moderation because of its strong flavor. Plus, it’s just classy, and Dixie Elixirs does a really good job with the balanced flavor and clean high. This is an awesome way to elevate the gift of chocolate, pun intended. It’s also a nice way to treat yourself after a long day of entertaining relatives or checking boxes on your shopping list.

Pressies (cannabis pills)
Pressies are a series of wellness supplements that contain effective, targeted nutraceuticals PLUS a healthy dose of THC (cannabis oil) to help you do the things you’ve gotta do. With products that help with sleep, energy, or focus, these pills will help you control your actions. As winter comes, they are useful for anyone to have in their medicine cabinet.

High Level  Health Hat
The perfect present for the cannabis enthusiast who wants to look fresh, this High Level Health hat is expertly sewn with the company’s logo. The flat-brim hat lover in your life will definitely appreciate this, especially if they are a fan of the beloved, local dispensary. This is a great gift for someone who wants a memento of the Mile High City… that won’t get their suitcase searched at the airport.

High Level Health Live Resin
Concentrates are always a crowd-pleaser. But combining this live resin with a party, lots of queers, and costumes was perfect. Throughout the night, the concentrate and dab rig was visited often. It was such a hit that someone pocketed the product before the end of the night, but we’ll be replenishing our stash soon.

Pure Green Reusable Vape Pens: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid
The tried-and-true vape pen with the circular, screw-off cartridge has been around since the dawn of legal industry, and for good reason. You can’t really go wrong with such a simple design, and with the exception of a few brands, it’s the go-to style for vaping. Pure Green’s cartridges didn’t let us down; they hit hard and the oil tastes clean and still has a nice, leafy flavor to it. One of the batteries did die on us shortly after opening the package, but with duds like that, companies are normally happy to provide a free replacement to paying customers.

MJ Arsenal Mini Rig
Dab rigs are awesome, but they can be a pain as well. All those little parts get broken so easily, and then you’re out of a pipe. MJ Arsenal solves that problem with a super clean and streamlined design that minimizes the use of little, moving parts, even though the rig itself is compact. And it still packs a mean punch! Grab this for the 710 lover in your life.

Beboe Wakeful Cannabis Pastilles
Edibles can be a little heavy for those who don’t partake often, and Beboe’s pastilles are the perfect thing when your aunt’s in town and swears up and down she wants to get high. Not only will their classy look impress your aunt, but they are only five milligrams each, so it’s easy to take a low dose. They also taste great. Plus, the special, wakeful blend will keep you from getting drowsy, just in case your aunt realizes she has more cheap holiday ties to buy.

Beboe Downtime Vape Pen
The perfect foil to the “wakeful” vape, “downtime” is the indica that balances you out after a long day on your feet or a long night at the club. Just like their other pen, it’s a simple, straightforward, disposable vape that is great for the end of the day. Again, it would be nice if there was a reusable version of a pen this cute, but it’s still fun while it lasts.

Beboe Wakeful Vape Pen
Need something cute, discreet, and on-the-go Beboe has you covered with their adorable, portable, line of vape pens. “Wakeful” is their cute and catchy phrasing for sativa, and as promised, the pen gives you a pick-me-up and is great for getting work done or a night out. The only downside? It’s so cute and intricate that it seems a shame it is a disposable pen. Still, it’s perfect for someone who is just visiting.

1906 Midnight Chocolate
One really common use for edibles is to help with sleep, since they offer such a relaxing effect. But not everyone realizes that finding the correct blend of edible is key for using them medicinally. Some edibles are made with sativa strains, which are actually more energizing and can have the opposite effect if you are trying to relax or sleep. Midnight by 1906 is just the ticket if you need to get drowsy. The blend of CBD and THC works wonders to help both your body and mind get in the zone.

1906 Go Chocolate
Who said cannabis is for slowing down? If you need to keep your hustle up, these chocolates are for you. While infused chocolate is usually associated with keeping it sexy or staying in and relaxing, 1906 once again prove with this chocolate that the right blend of strains and terpenes into a flavorful concoction can work wonders. This is a good gift for someone who stays on the go or visiting relatives and friends who want to see and do it all.

1906 High Love Chocolate
What do you get when you incorporate the sex-enhancing properties of weed with chocolate? The perfect aphrodisiac. High Love chocolates combine a microdose (five milligrams of THC per gem and bean) of cannabis with natural, passion-inducing botanical ingredients from around the world, including muira, puama, and damiana. It truly works, and all of our lovers thank 1906.

Leah Verwey Photo

1906 Pause Chocolate
I didn’t expect much from the Pause Chocolate, as most edibles offer relaxation but rarely deliver. But to my suprise, about an hour after having the chocolates with some milk, my body felt weightless while my mind was filled with energy. So, I did some light redecorating around the house and made some biscuits and gravy.

Leah Verwey Photo

1906 Bliss Peanut Butter Cups
Nothing beats a peanut butter cup as far as flavor goes, and you can’t go wrong with this tasty treat from 1906. As the name implies, the blend in this candy will make you feel happy and at peace, and the taste is just divine. Get these chocolates for someone you care about or treat yourself.