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We know, we know. Halloween is over. But for those who are spooky all year long, the remake of classic horror film Suspiria is probably on your radar. But did you know that the film is being remade by the same queer director who brought us Call Me By Your Name?

It’s no surprise that this classic is being remade. After all, the Dario Argento 70s horror flick is all about witches, and witches seem to be a trending topic in Trump’s America, with remakes like Sabrina and the themes in American Horror Story. And shows about women supporting each other are also popular, as seen with the success of prison shows like Orange is the New Black and Wentworth and the dystopian horror of A Handmaid’s Tale. 

So, who better than LGBTQ filmmaker Luca Guadagnino to remake this classic? In an interview with New Now Nexthe talked about the parallels between witches and the queer community and how his own perspective influenced the film.

“I’m not interested in secrecy,” he explained when asked if being a gay man impacted his take on witches or the film. “In fact, you see in the movie you know that there are witches from minute one. I don’t care about secrecy. I think secrecy’s a form of control, and worse, self-control, self-censorship. I think that it’s more about being indicted for who you are, that’s more important to me. So, if there’s a parallel, it’s there. These women through the centuries that have been persecuted and killed by the law of the church and the fathers because they were witches; in reality, they were women who just wanted to be themselves and maybe spend time together with one another.”

For those who love the witchy trend in film and television and aren’t quite ready for the Halloween season to end, Suspiria hits theaters this Friday, November 2. Get out and see some spooky realness!