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One thing the queer community knows well: if you’ve had seven successful years running an event on a week night, you’re doing something right!

Sub.mission, the local dubstep booking company, have been bringing us the deep, dark, and dangerous of the underground every Tuesday night for seven years. Now, of course, there is even more reason to celebrate; Nicole Cacciavillano, founder of Sub.mission, has her own beloved venue in which to throw events, The Black Box.

This year’s celebration is serious, including major players Youngsta, DJG, and Mesck on the main stage. There will also be plenty of openers, and entertainment all night in the lounge

We’d also like to give a shoutout to the Black Box for recently making their safe space status official. Cacciavillano and camp have long since been preaching inclusion and love for all, but now the staff has put up signs to help queer folks, women, and other marginalized people feel safe on the dace floor.

So, if you wanna check out some good music and get down in a safe space, check out the E-Tuesday’s anniversary party, tonight at the Black Box!