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The Norwegian, queer singer/songwriter Matilda has released the third chapter of her recent music videos with a new track titled “Let It Go.”

Having established herself as a high-profile pop artist in Norway at the age of 25, Matilda saw immediate success with her debut single “When Something Ends,” going to number one on the Norwegian charts. Out since the beginning of her career, she doesn’t shy away from writing songs that use gender-specific pronouns and explore the complexities of love and loss that we all ultimately face, regardless of sexuality.

With her latest releases, which have rolled out as unattached, individual singles, she is using the visual aid of videos to unpack the sophistication in her pop music, showcasing her unique vocals alongside the queer storytelling.

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In the first video installments, we follow Matilda through a story of falling in love during the song “Say Something.” This story of falling in love, however, does not include a happy ending, as the relationship, which once seemed blissful and lustful, dissolves into arguments and walking away.

The next video in the series is for the song “Her Too,” where Matilda is explaining to heartbreak of hurting someone else, falling for someone else, and then still thinking about the other girl. How can we love two people at once? Yet, it’s possible, and Matilda clutches onto the fear and dives deep into the pain.

The final video, which leads us to the the aftermath of what happened post-second chapter, is the song “Let It Go.” Guards up and communication broken down, Matilda shows the ramifications of what happens when we shut down and shut up. Growing apart, remembering back on the times that were good, how does a relationship repair and survive the cracks of time?

The down-tempo pop tune “Let It Go” is the finale, but don’t let that stop you from catching all three songs. Turn that sound up and get deep into those feels!