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Sometimes we go to music as a form of escape, a way to explore another world that is ideal and far away from where we are now. However, sometimes, we listen to a vulnerable track of heartache and mourning as a way to fully express exactly how we are feeling in that moment. For artist Lauren Auder, they seem to pierce through the veil of “Everything is Awesome” and cut to the core of the “meek” in us all.

“Experience hurts you/ so much more than I can/ But pain isn’t virtue/ and it won’t make you a man.”

While Auder is only 21, their velvety vocals and lyrical depth touches on something that is wise beyond their years. The latest single by the solo artist, “meek,” is yet another example of how this French creative combines a plethora of influences while bringing it back to a uniformed, signature style.

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Leaning into life through a lens of love, pain, and discontent, Auder exudes a discomfort in the music video for “meek.” Sitting in what appears to be an abandoned attic of a former era’s artifacts, they squirm and writhe with restlessness.

“It’s a blessing and a curse to be loved like this/ If I give up first would I miss life’s kiss?”

The tune quickly turns from a lullaby to a tortured tale of one who succumbs to the misfortunes of life and love. A pair enter the scene and demonstrate a vexed and aggressive dance of troubled manipulation and control.

Auder released their new EP two caves in earlier this spring. It was co-produced by Alex Parrish and Dviance. The EP revels with fevered grace in a trajectory through innocence and coming of age. Christian allegory intermingles with topics of millennial despondency, interpersonal relationships, and identity.

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When asked by Office magazine what Auder felt their biggest strengths were when it came to their music, they said, “I think for now, it’s my music’s ambition … I think it tries to communicate things that are hard to express, and I think there is worth in even trying that.”

Now, turn that sound up, and get all up in those feels as your curiosity gravitates towards “meek” by Lauren Auder.