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In this week’s Sound Up! feature, we are spotlighting trans pop artist Kim Petras who will be performing at Denver’s Ogden Theatre tonight, December 4. We’re stoked for her killer music video for the single “Icy,” and we’re also excited to profile her in this series due to her unapologetically queer, iconic moment that just went down earlier this week.

Petras is one of the world’s first out, transgender pop stars and is crushing in the mainstream with collaborations and solo tracks that have been blowing up the charts. She kicked off a stellar week post-Thanksgiving by taking the reign as the leading LGBTQ lady of current controversy, as she went viral with an impromptu photoshoot in front of hate group Westboro Baptist Church’s recent protest of her show in Kansas City, Missouri.

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With a tip from TMZ, Petras was prepared to provide a timely response to news that the Westboro group was planning to protest.

The anti-LGBTQ group was left nothing less than stunned as Petras flashed a fabulous look and posed with peace signs in front of their hate-ridden signs and posters. Walking out to the protesters in a trench coat, Petras revealed a skin-tight bodysuit and thigh-high boots in the name of equality and inclusivity.


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update. hoes still mad …

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Petras underwent gender affirming surgery at the age of 16 and has never shied away from sharing her story. While she prefers not to have her gender or sexuality be the primary conversation and would rather focus on her music and live performances, her shows are a safe haven for the LGBTQ community and a space where fans can let go of their problems and be themselves.

So, turn that Sound Up!, grab a ticket, and get to Ogden at 8 p.m. for a show full of pop with soul.