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Transmasculine Latinx pop musician Jakk Fynn is using his art to send a message of redefining masculinity. In his video for the new single “Fire,” he is diving into the gender pool of diversity and surfacing with a new club favorite.

The beat-driven dance track is true fire, as he uses his influences from pop, punk, electronic, and post-hardcore and fuses together the song “Fire.” The colors are vibrant; the conversation is evident; the art is explorative and challenges the status quo.

The video explores a world of constraint and labels and shows the silencing of the gender spectrum as society puts people into boxes. Breaking free from the labels, Fynn and the diverse players in the video remove their labels and dance freely in “Fire.”

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“It is a post-apocalyptic assembly line with an unknown force assigning rigid identities to its inhabitants. The repercussion is a lack of individuality and a colorless society.”

Fynn said the video is “an artistic statement on how society imposes gender constructs and sexual identities on its members, but this motif is applicable to all marginalized groups.”

The Latinx pop artist is based out of Southern California and is the descendent of Mexican immigrants. Flynn uses the power of music to uplift audiences and to simultaneously challenge toxic social narratives, especially for audiences who don’t often see themselves fairly and accurately represented in mainstream culture.

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“We believe society would be better off if we learned to promote and celebrate individuality instead of persecuting each other for our differences,” he said. “The road is long to effectuate change within systems, but much like the inhabitants in ‘Fire,’ we can all employ daily acts of rebellion to advocate for ourselves and each other to shape a better tomorrow.”

Jakk Fynn is sure to be a new favorite, not only to queer playlists, but to anyone who enjoys music that makes you move and makes you think.