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There is nothing better than discovering a hot, new, queer artist, so this week, Sound Up! is delivering the gold and introducing you to a fabulously spooky treat: Gus Dapperton.

With futuristic alien meets Lord of the Rings elvish fierceness, Dapperton is serving some serious Area 51 in the new video for single “Coax & Botany.”

The dreamy-pop artist knows chill, and this guitar-driven tune overlaps synths in a way that is borderline cheesy and tipping over into the catchy af. Not only are the patient and pensive beats something that are a stamp of Dapperton’s, his lyrics are poetically concise.

“You won’t stop laughing/ legs overlapping/ I could die with your eyes/ open at me/ wide open at me/ Like hope exactly/ Butterflies up inside rogue anatomy.”

The visual components, for him, are comprehensive and thought-out works of art, as every song Dapperton has released comes paired with a mini-cinematic experience.”Coax” features an extra terrestrial Dapperton with glowing veins, writhing over the complications of being extra in a world that is ordinary.

Dapperton may be best known for songs “I’m Just Snacking,” “Moodna, and “Once with Grace.” His new album, Where Polly People Go to Read, is a collection of the New Yorker’s surreal sensibilities with the maturity of someone far beyond his years.

While Dapperton doesn’t openly identify as LGBTQ, this artist’s aesthetic and art are undeniably queer. Described as stoic and careful, his image is precise and un-ironic, as he told Office that his “non-traditional” masculinity is presented in a genuine resonance of his overall happiness.

Currently on a North American tour titled Where Polly People Go to Read, you can catch Gus Dapperton live and in futuristic person right here at the Gothic Theatre on Sunday, October 6.